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Pressure Moulding Technique With lent excel flow tics! cteris chara BLUE-BLOKKER® Light-curing blocking-out resin for orthodontics and telescope prosthesis ealing of saw cuts and blocking of teeth and teeth segments after S adjustment in the set-up technique. recise application of the gel reservoir – (depending on the P bleaching system) – in accurately defined thickness for bleaching and fluoridation splints and medical trays. locking out cervical margins, gaps, and deeply undercut teeth as B well as fixing of wire elements when fabricating hard elastic splints. he ideal viscosity as well as the micro and mini cannula allow preT cise application of the material. Hardening with standard UV light with a spectral range of 380-470 nm. Depending on material quantity and type of light, BLUE-BLOKKER ® cures within 10-30 seconds. Delivery Program BLUE-BLOKKER® 4 × 1.5 g, incl. 10 cannulas In case you intend to duplicate the model using silicone, make sure to remove the inhibition layer of BLUE-BLOKKER® before duplicating. We recommend using for example a paper tissue soaked in ethanol. SCHEU-DENTAL GmbH Am Burgberg 20 58642 Iserlohn · Germany Facebook ® pply BLUE-BLOKKER  directly out of the dosing tip. It can be A very well combined with conventional waxes. The light-cured BLUE-BLOKKER ® outer telescopes will be very stable and can be removed easily without tension. Even when working with higher thicknesses, BLUE-BLOKKER ® will burn without residues. The results will show high dimensional stability

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