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Catalogue 2017/2018 - 1

Clasps and Bars Orthodontics CA® CLEAR ALIGNER Digital Orthodontics Dental Sleep Medicine Pressure Moulding Technique Laboratory Equipment

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Catalogue 2017/2018 - 2

II Clasps and Bars Jaw Fracture Splint J Clasp J Clasp oblique JM Clasp Lingual bar curved 19 N BI-FORM Clasp CARAT® wire bending pliers 46-47 CETRON® 49 Diamond separating disc 40 ECHARRI templates Face bows Frontal guiding bars acc. to R. Hinz Hinge 44 Hinge system acc. to Herbst Key for expansion screws Lingual/palatal sheaths MENZANIUM® Mica Ortho arch bender Ortho designs Orthodontic insulating agent POLYFIX 24 Spray bottle / spray nozzles 29 47 Symmetry measurement gauge 44 CA® Arch CHROMIUM NEWl 58 CA® Splint case for patients ^1WJ57 CA® Cyano Veneer Fast 61...

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Catalogue 2017/2018 - 3

// Dental Sleep Medicine GEORGE GAUGE™ Bite Registration 73 SD Cyano Veneer Fast 74 TAP® Splint case for patients 78 TAP® Standard 76 TAP®-T/ TAP®-T Reverse starter set 77 TAP® T XL (NSW Lower guiding device 78 BIOPLAST® XTREME Deco 87 BIOPLAST® XTREME PRO Kit 86 BRUX CHECKER® NEW acc. to Prof. Sato 88 BIOPLAST® Insulation agent 95 BLUE-BLOKKER® 94 DIMO®PRO / DIMO®PRO SLIM 103 DURASPLINT® 96 Impression tray handles 100 Indirect bonding technology 92 LC Burs NE^ 99 SD High-gloss polishing mop 99 SD Polishing brush 99 SD Separating disc, serrated 93 SD...

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Catalogue 2017/2018 - 4

Products are changing, values remain. In 1926, company founder and dentist Rudolf Scheu laid the foundation for SCHEU-DENTAL. We are proud of 91 years of company history, made in Germany. As family firm now in its third generation, we develop dental products and services, characterised by maximum precision. Our attention to detail has helped us to achieve market leadership in the fields of dental pressure moulding, sleep medicine and 3D printing and to play a key role in shaping the face of dental technology throughout the world. These achievements established worldwide confidence in our...

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Catalogue 2017/2018 - 5

2016 Watch 91 years of company history: team of well-trained and highly motivated staff. With the acquisition of smile dental some years ago SCHEU-DENTAL added another orthodontic specialist to its network, as well as CAD/CAM expert in the guise of CA DIGITAL. our field service. We are looking forward to your feedback – for in particular the insight in daily laboratory routines helps us to focus on the essential and to develop products that make your work easier. See it for yourself and discover the wide range Yours sincerely, of products available from SCHEU-DENTAL in Christian Scheu our...

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Catalogue 2017/2018 - 6

50 years BIOSTAR®: a success story There is hardly a product so closely linked to the history of SCHEU-DENTAL as the BIOSTAR®. From the very beginning in 1967, it has been a bench mark in the pressure moulding technique and up this very day, its functional principle demonstrates its superiority in daily use. The advancement of the following machine gen- erations has been consistently pursued – in that same pioneering spirit: Since 1988, a processor unit and dash panel allow to manually program temperatures and heating and cooling times as well as to precisely supervise and control them. The...

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Catalogue 2017/2018 - 7

tate and accelerate operation. Thanks to our shortwave, thermostatically-controlled infra-red heater that has been introduced in 2006, the working temperature is reached within only one second. The BIOSTAR® is a synonym for our innovative strength and has been a part of SCHEU-DENTAL for 50 years now. What makes us particularly proud: many of our clients got along very well with the BIOSTAR® since the very beginning and are still working with models of the first or second generation. A clear proof of the top quality made in Germany we feel obliged to until today. Therefore our pressure...

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Catalogue 2017/2018 - 8

Perfection is a love for detail. The realisation of complex precision constructions requires dexterity and experience. Therefore, many parts at SCHEU-DENTAL are still manufactured by hand, as this is the only way to ensure the greatest possible quality of the precision mechanical parts. The staff at our site and regular product controls according to the latest certification requirements guarantee that the company never deviates from this quality standard.

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Catalogue 2017/2018 - 10

Perfection means bringing innovative strength and quality to life. At our Research and Development department we come up with clever ideas designed to lighten the daily workload of the dental laboratory and practice. Our varied product family combines the latest discoveries with trusty therapeutic products that still demonstrate the innovative strength that inspired them. From the CA® CLEAR ALIGNER splint system to our BIOSTAR® pressure moulding unit and our 3D printer family IMPRIMO®: we are always on the lookout for improvement and innovative ideas. Whether investigating the enhancement...

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Catalogue 2017/2018 - 11

research institutes and universities gives rise to so- tions for the CA® CLEAR ALIGNER treatment or the phisticated quality products based on cutting-edge digitally planned lingual retainer MEMOTAIN®. As a founding member of Ortho Alliance®, an orthodontic technology. alliance of four leading manufacturers in Germany, Today, in conjunction with our subsidiary company we are working on the specific development of digCA ­ IGITAL, we can offer you the complete range of ital processes and products in modern orthodontics D digital services and products – with individual solu- to the benefit of...

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Catalogue 2017/2018 - 12

Perfection you can rely on. Whether a query about setting up your SCHEU-DENTAL equipment such as the BIOSTAR® or a question relating to specific applications – our staff in the Sales and Customer Service Departments are on hand with expert advice at all times. We want you to take advantage of their sound practical guidance from the outset – a service that our customers can rely on whatever the problem. And this goes beyond your actual purchase: for some years now our SCHEU-ACADEMY offers training courses and seminars for dental clinicians and technicians at a regular basi

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