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CLEAR-BLOKKER® The light-curing material for dental medicine, orthodontics and sleep medicine Easy modelling of canine guidance or building-up contact points for adjusted splints. Easy and quick repairs of cracks or fissures in adjusted splints, made of DURASPLINT® or DURASPLINT LC®. We recommend applying SD-Metal Primer on the retention elements in order to avoid crevice corrosion. For fixation of IST® fixing elements apply CLEAR-BLOKKER® on the retention arms, before build up with DURASPLINT® or DURASPLINT® LC. Fabrication of bracket transfer matrix for the lingual technique. The form-fit single transfer tray has been adjusted to the initial model, allowing easy bonding and rebonding if necessary. How to use CLEAR-BLOKKER® Roughen the surface of the corresponding area, then clean it and apply LC-Primer. Proceed with curing the applied primer for 5 minutes in the LC-6 Light Oven. A layer of 1-2 mm CLEAR-BLOKKER® can be directly applied from the syringe with a cannula. Then proceed with light-curing for 10 minutes. Use a bur for finishing the cured resin before proceeding with polishing. For the polymerisation of LC-Primer and CLEAR-BLOKKER® a UV-LED lamp with a wave length of 360-420 nm or the LC-6 Light Oven are required. DURASPLINT® LC, 3 bars of totally 40 g LC-Primer, 10 ml, with brush LC-6 Light Oven 230 V LC-6 Light Oven 115 V SD-METAL PRIMER, 5 ml Am Burgberg 20 58642 Iserlohn · Germany CLEAR-BLOKKER® 4× 1.5 g, 10 cannula Cannula micro (Ø 0.4 mm), 5 pc. Cannula mini (Ø 0

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