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DURASPLINT® flex Thermoactive splint material with memory effect. Extremely bendable for perfect fit. The high-tech resin DURASPLINT® flex belongs to the group of Smart Materials and is specifically designed for functional occlusal splints. Thanks to its thermally-active properties, the material becomes flexible and thus self-adjusting at temperatures exceeding 27°C. At the same time, the memory effect at room temperature of DURASPLINT® flex brings about the highest restoring torque to be currently found at the dental market. Splints made of DURASPLINT® flex are not only thermally flexible, but also extremely tear-resistant and shatter-proof as well as durable and permanently transparent. The composition of the material corresponds to high medical standards. DURASPLINT® flex does not contain any phthalate-based softening agents, but uses exclusively flexibilizers approved for applications in medical technology, significantly reducing the irritation and sensitization potential of the material. By using high quality raw materials DURASPLINT® flex shows high biological and material compatibility. The unique manufacturing process guarantees the tastelessness of the material. Yellow discolorations can be excluded, as the material does not contain amino acide compounds nor methyl methacrylate. DURASPLINT® flex is available as two-component system for the casting or tamping press technology and as milling blank for the digital workflow. Delivery program 16 mm blank Ø 98.5 mm kit incl. 180 g polymer and 130 g monomer, mixing and dosing cup, pipette, glass spatula and detailed instructions SCHEU-DENTAL GmbH www.scheu-dental.com Am Burgberg 20 58642 Iserlohn · Germany

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