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Laboratory Equipment Hinge Fixator Shorter me fabrication ti other compared to devices! Best suited for fabrication of bimaxillary orthodontic appliances and IST® splints thanks to the built-in hinge. The Hinge Fixator is ideal for the fabrication of bimaxillary functional orthodontic appliances. In comparison to other articulators and fixators, the Hinge Fixator offers some advantages, such as facilitating the fabrication of functional orthodontic appliances and saving working time. The built-in hinge in the upper part of the fixator makes grinding functional orthodontic appliances as well as fabricating divided activators and IST® splints much easier. The mounting splints which attach to the Hinge Fixator offer another advantage facilitating the working procedure. These plastics splints are attached to the fixator arms, tightened, and kept in an exact reproducible position with a screw. The models fixed in a construction bite are positioned between the mounting splints in the fixator. The models can be taken off the fixator arms at any time and can be set back in the fixator after a turn of 180°. Thanks to the millimeter scale on the lower fixator arm, the model can be moved precisely in sagittal direction.

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Operation Steps Mounting splints Peak screws C Thumb screw Slide on the mounting splints A and fix them with peak screws B , so that they are in zero position (s. picture 1 ). Apply vaseline or similar to the fixator arms to facilitate taking off the splint. Put the locking-pin which is included in the equipment into the hole under the hinge axis, so that the fixator is fixed in a 90° angle. Loosen the thumb screw C , open the Hinge Fixator and position the models which are occluded by construction bite between the peak screws. Makes sure to position the models so that they do not exceed...

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