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Pressure Moulding Technique MINISTAR S® Innovative pressure moulding technique for practice and laboratory – quick, compact and precise.

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Compact pressure moulding in record time working temperature reached within 1 second patented infrared heater 3 years warranty and 10 years warranty on availability of spare parts 2

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clearly set out, large display MIIM I STAR (B)'' I HtHllHb «,t;t 12*#C Heater active' Plea** wait | acoustically and 0 optically assisted operator guidance Scan function 0 with immediate programming % ergonomic pellet container

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MINISTAR S® – The advantages at a glance Working temperature reached within 1 second The working temperature is reached immediately by swiveling the patented heater over the material after scanning or entering the heating time – and the material is thermoformed. The MINISTAR S® utilizes the same proven principles as all SCHEU-DENTAL pressure moulding machines by heating the side of the material which is placed directly over the model, leading to an increase of the surface temperature of up to 60°C. Thanks Place model on the platform or embed it into pellets and fix material with the locking...

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Scan function with immediate programming All necessary data such as temperature, heating and cooling times are directly programmed by means of the barcode printed on each SCHEU-DENTAL material. The ergonomic design of the scanner allows utmost ease-of-use. By using the scan function, programming errors or choice of wrong material can be completely avoided. All the necessary information for user prompting and working parameters are shown on the large display during manual input. ) After heating time has elapsed, swivel pressure chamber over the model and close locking handle. After cooling...

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MINISTAR S® – Extensive range of material on For more details nge of the extensive ra material visit SCHEU-DENTAL or have www.scheu-den aterial sampler a look at the m ng you an (REF 3137) givi available overview of the materials. At SCHEU-DENTAL, you will find the right material for each application. Our pressure-moulding material has been tested acc. to the International Guidelines DIN EN ISO 10993 and 7405 with the result that it has been released for clinical use. The barcode on each blank ensures quick and simple handling. Our service to you does not end when you purchase a...

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SCHEU-ACADEMY – advanced and regular training. Continuous training is a key factor for the success in practices and laboratories. You and your team should always be up to date in order to deal with the challenges in the daily routines. For some years now, our SCHEU-ACADEMY offers advanced and regular seminars and training courses for dentists and dental technicians – from courses on CA®CLEAR ALIGNER and TAP® certification to pressure moulding workshops and courses on digital orthodontics and 3D printing. You’ll learn how to achieve even more professional results in the future and how to...

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MINISTAR S® Compact machine, great range of applications Bleaching tray Surgical guide Individual tray Material: DURAN® or DURASOFT® pd Material: COPYPLAST® or BIOPLAST® bleach Material: DURAN® Material: IMPRELON® (clear/opaque) Longterm retainer Temp. dentures Material: COPYPLAST® Material: Copyplast® C or IMPRELON® S pd Material: BIOCRYL® C (rose transparent) Orthodontic retainer and expansion plate Hard/soft splints Material: BIOPLAST® or BIOPLAST® XTREME (color or multicolor) Material: BIOPLAST® (transparent) Material: BRUX CHECKER® (red oder white) DURASOFT® pd with DURASOFT® seal...

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