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Digital Orthodontics OnyxCeph3TM CA® SMART 3D The orthodontic software for clinic and laboratory The independent software solution for digital planning of aligners with numerous interfaces to the practice software. An automatic control of transpositions during set-up is defined in the CA® CLEAR ALIGNER treatment philosophy and correspondingly reflected in the software. The control of the complete treatment process and value creation during all involved treatment steps remain in the hands of the user. Available as clinical or laboratory version as license for up to five workstations in the network. One day software training included. Scanning importing scan data starting the scan process interface to specified 3D scanners Set-up planning/data processing superposition of 3D data sets possibility for corrections to already established set-ups creation of base moulds model labelling processing of 2D data sets processing of 3D data sets virtual segmentation of teeth control of set-ups using the CA® philosophy reflected in the software Exporting generation of 3D reports exporting unchanged stl-data exporting customised set-ups as stl data Administration interface to administration software, e.g. “Computer konkret” archiving model data System requirements: Network server and workstation with Intel 2.3 GHz (or higher), 8 GB RAM, 64 bit system, 200 GB HD space, operating system Windows 7 or higher/server OS, 1000 Mbps Ethernet, graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX | GTS or equiva

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OnyxCeph3TM CA® SMART 3D The orthodontic software for clinic and laboratory OnyxCeph3TM CA® SMART 3D – clinic Meets the demands of orthodontists for efficient support in daily practice routines. Enables features such as importing scan data or starting of scan processes, superposition of 3D data sets, creation of base moulds, labelling, exporting and archiving of model data. OnyxCeph3TM CA® SMART 3D - clinic License for up to five workstations in the network OnyxCeph3TM CA® SMART 3D – laboratory Meets the demands of lab owners for precise planning, transpositions and control of digital...

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