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Innovative Swiss Medtech Worldwide SCHILLER was founded in 1974 by Alfred E. Schiller. Starting in a four-room flat as a one-man business, the company has become a successful group with about 1300 employees, 30 subsidiaries and a global sales network. Today, SCHILLER is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of devices for cardiopulmonary diagnostics, rescue and patient monitoring as well as software solutions for the medical industry. Alfred E. Schiller For 50 years, SCHILLER has been committed to the fight against sudden cardiac death. The success story began with the launch of a handy...

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Thanks to suitable therapies and rehabilitation measures, physicians can thus protect people of all age groups from sudden cardiac death. As success grew, so did the product portfolio: devices such as blood pressure monitors and spirometers enhanced the range, and complete diagnostic stations and monitoring devices started being produced for clinics and medical practices. Similarly, the production sites and competence centres also expanded. In addition to the headquarters in Baar (Switzerland), a competence centre was established in Wissembourg (France), specialising in the fields of...

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■ CONTENT 6 Resting ECG 10 Exercise Stress ECG 18 ECG and ABPM Holter 22 Pulmonary Function Testing 28 Emergency Care and Resuscitation 36 MRI-compatible Monitoring 38 Connectivity and Data Management Solutions 42 Diagnostic Analysis Programs This catalogue shows the main SCHILLER product range. Further products are available for specific markets. SCHILLER reserves the right to make changes in design, specifications and features shown, or discontinue the product described at any time without notice or obligation. Images may be representative. Some products may not be regulatory cleared or...

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CARDIOVIT AT-1 G2CARDIOVIT AT-102 G2 The power of simplicity Building on the solidly proven AT-1 and enhanced with the latest technology, the AT-1 G2 distinguishes itself by its outstanding signal quality and the newest interpretation algorithm. User-friendliness is guaranteed with a step-bystep workflow and easy patient data entry. A colour screen and an easy-to-clean keyboard complete this intuitive and reliable electrocardiograph. Easy patient data entry Outstanding signal quality for adult and paediatric ECGs Lead reversal detection Hook-up adviser with colour-coded waveforms ETM...

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CARDIOVIT AT-180 High-performance 16-channel ECG system This multi-use workstation combines the largest touch screen with advanced clinical tools. SCHILLER’s high-end electrocardiograph AT-180 is based on the new SCHILLER software platform. It offers robust design for the busiest hospitals, as well as a combination of applications that makes it the ideal multi-use workstation for private practices. 18.5" high-resolution multi-touch screen for easy ECG review Full-size keyboard with a durable, exchangeable cover keeping dust, dirt and liquids out, making it highly hygienic Resting rhythm for...

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Maximum performance in a compact electrocardiograph CARDIOVIT FT-1 is an ultra-portable electrocardiograph, has an intuitive 8-inch high-resolution multi-touch screen and an integrated thermal printer. Designed for users who value state-of-the-art technology, the CARDIOVIT FT-1 is a networked device providing connectivity and a paperless workflow. Power and flexibility of a PC in a portable ECG device Fast and secure bidirectional Wi-Fi communication Various optional diagnostic analysis programs: automatic interpretation ETM, ETM Sport based on Seattle Criteria, CCAA for early STEMI...

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EXERCISE STRESS ECG › CARDIOVIT CS-104 › CARDIOVIT CS-200 Excellence › CARDIOVIT CS-200 Office ErgoSpiro › CARDIOVIT CS-200 Excellence ErgoSpiro › BP-200 plus › Ergometers › Tre

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Exercise ECG in an integrated system Cardiopulmonary diagnostic system CARDIOVIT CS-104 combines all essential ECG features and desired possibilities in an integrated system. CARDIOVIT CS-104 is also available as resting ECG PC software and spirometry PC software. The CS-200 Excellence cardiac assessment system for exercise testing from SCHILLER puts great emphasis on performance. With the CARDIOVIT CS-104, SCHILLER offers a complete ECG system for practices, clinics and hospitals. The unit includes a PC, a monitor, a trolley and a wireless (MS-12 blue) or wired (MS-12 USB) acquisition...

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CARDIOVIT CS-200 Office ErgoSpiro CARDIOVIT CS-200 Excellence ErgoSpiro Covers all essential ErgoSpiro applications The Art of Cardiopulmonary Exercise Diagnostics The CARDIOVIT CS-200 Office ErgoSpiro performs cardiopulmonary exercise tests (CPET) according to the latest ATS / ERS guidelines. The metabolic tests combined with diagnosticquality 12-lead exercise ECG is suitable for a wide range of subjects, from clinical patients to highperformance athletes. The PWC Ergo forms the heart of the system. Together with the pneumo tach, it ensures the highest possible accuracy. Breath-by-breath...

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BP-200 plus Accuracy and performance BP-200 plus is a non-invasive exercise test blood pressure monitor, designed to automatically measure and display a patient’s systolic and diastolic blood pressures at preset intervals, or on demand of the operator. BP-200 plus uses two measuring methods: the SCHILLER K-sound analysis with or without QRS trigger for measurements during exercise test, and oscillometric measurements for resting situations. Real-time display with waveform and measurements Tabular and graphic trend data RS-232 interface for communication with SCHILLER ECG systems BP...

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ERG 910 plus / ERG 911 plus Quiet, compact, configurable The bike ergometers ERG 910 plus and ERG 911 plus were developed for use in the cardiology sector. The devices are used to perform defined exercises during ergometric examinations and therapeutic applications. All major exercise data (such as blood pressure, heart rate, pedalling rate, colour-coded information concerning correct pedalling rate) is displayed in a compact format. Two operational modes: – Remote operation with a master device (ECG, PC, …) – Standalone operation with either a user-definable step protocol or manual load...

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