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SpiroScout SP plus Upgrade your ECG with ultrasound spirometry measurements

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SpiroScout SP / SpiroScout SP plus - 2

Easily add spirometry to your ECG device with SpiroScout SP plus: :• Accurate GANSHORN ultrasound technology :• Calibration-free :• No warm-up time and no moving parts The SpiroScout SP plus helps to make your office more efficient by adding spirometry measurements to your SCHILLER ECG device, using the same platform for two different testing applications. You'll enjoy all the benefits of a full-featured ECG and spirometer with data organised in the same fashion to facilitate data management. The SpiroScout SP plus incorporates an ultrasound flow sensor to measure the flow of air into and...

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SpiroScout SP / SpiroScout SP plus - 3

THE SPIROSCOUT SP PLUS IS COMPATIBLE WITH : CARDIOVIT CS-104 CARDIOVIT AT-102 G2 SPIROVIT SP-1 G2 CARDIOVIT CS-104 Hygienic single-patient consumable for full contamination control Provides accurate, leakage-free and reproducible results Oval in shape for optimal lip seal and teeth positioning Protects against cross-contamination and offers additional protection for operators and technicians Conical to suit different mouth sizes Disinfectable adapter

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SpiroScout SP / SpiroScout SP plus - 4

France SCHILLER Médical F-67160 Wissembourg Phone +33 3 88 63 36 00 Serbia SCHILLER d.o.o. 11010 Beograd Phone +381 11 39 79 508 France (distribution France) SCHILLER France S.A.S. F-77608 Bussy St Georges Phone +33 1 64 66 50 00 Slovenia SCHILLER d.o.o. 2310 Slovenska Bistrica Phone +386 2 843 00 56 Asia SCHILLER Asia-Pacific / Malaysia 52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Phone +603 6272 3033 Germany...

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