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Capo Natural Minimally Invasive and Scientifically Proven!

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Capo Natural Minimally Invasive and Scientifically Proven!

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Capo Natural – Perfect Restorations The right composite matters! Capo Natural is an ultra-fine micro hybrid composite with improved abrasion characteristics. Due to the non-use of nanoparticles and the proven cell-friendliness, Capo Natural is absolutely biocompatible. Furthermore, the special color adjustments of Capo Natural allows you to work minimally invasively. You reduce the risk of secondary caries without compromising the aesthetics and you can also use Capo Natural with other systems - no complete change needed. But: You will go for a change, once you made the Capo Natural...

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Physical properties Scientifically tested by renowned institutions Cytotoxicity Test 3 Media Abrasion Test Results Abrasion Test Direct Cell Contact Test with Capo Natural. „In this study under the given conditions the test item did not show any reactivity (grade 0).“ The test showed that Capo Natural has no cytotoxic effects. Material comparison of Capo Natural to other composites. Capo Natural showed the lowest abrasion in the process - even after 200.000 cycles. Capo Natural‘s high abrasion resistance is uniquely combinend with its antagonist friendliness. Source: BSL Bioservice...

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Capo Natural The system for perfect results Capo Natural 4 g syringe 4 g syringe 4 g syringe 4 g syringe 4 g syringe 4 g syringe 4 g syringe 4 g syringe 4 g syringe Special Colors Incisial medium Incisial clear Incisial white Bleach 1 Bleach 2 Capo Bulk Fill Light-curing composite for posterior restorations. Suitable for layers with a thickness of up to 4 mm 2 g syringe, 10 application tips. Capo Natural Set 6 x 4 g syringe, Art. No. 232055 Safe and fast etching of dentin and enamel. High viscosity and excellent contrast to natural teeth, which makes the product easy and safe to apply. 1...

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