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Capo Slow Flow Flowable composite with excellent physical properties

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Capo Slow Flow This composite combines the easy handling of flowable composites with the exceptional physical properties of paste. Capo Slow Flow is a light-curing composite with which you perform minimally invasive restorations such as fissure sealing or cervical caries in the anterior and posterior tooth areas. The flowability of the composite together with its stability ensures pleasant handling and enough time to model the restoration. This material can also be used in undercuts for a precise application. This means you’ll work quick and economical. Thanks to the special color...

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Application example 1 Application example 2 Initial condition: Absence of dental caries, deep fissures on 26/27. Following etching with phosphoric acid for 60 sec.: Application of the bonding agent, then application of Capo Slow Flow. Readily polished fissure sealing on 26/27. The material is visibly aesthetically blended to the natural dental color scheme. Initial condition: V-shaped lesion on tooth 12. The surface is roughened and etched: After application of the bonding agent, material application. The final filling, prepared and polished on tooth 12. Note: Please adhere to the...

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Scientific tests Physical tests 900 Source: Fraunhofer Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme, Dresden/Germany Physical tests Polymerization shrinkage test Average total shrinkage (%) Source: Fraunhofer Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme, Dresden/Germany Source: Schütz Dental GmbH, Internal measurements, Rosbach/Germany Capo Slow Flow Cytotoxicity test „No relevant leachable substances were released from the test item in cytotoxic concentrations. Therefore, the test item can be classified as non-cytotoxic.” This means, that the test conducted by BSL Bioservice GmbH...

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The Capo product familiy Capo Bulk Fill Capo Natural Ultra-fine micro hybrid composite with improved abrasion characteristics. Available in differ­ ent tooth shades. High biocompatibil­ ity. Light-curing composite for posterior restorations suitable for layers with a thickness of up to 4 mm. Art. No. 232055 Capo Universal Has the same great features as Capo Natural. Available in one universal color for posterior restorations. High brilliance. Art. No. 232054 Capo Etch Set Safe and fast etching of dentin and enamel. High viscosity and excellent contrast to natural teeth, which makes the...

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