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Futura Series

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Futura-Series High-end denture materials

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Futura-Series The right thing if acrylics mean more than just plastic to you. SCHÜTZ DENTAL But let yourself be the judge! Why not come and meet us in person? We would love to show you around. Thanks to such an extensive range of products in the Futura family, you can cover almost every single implant-based denture and most bite splints you could And you needn’t worry, every one of the Futurafamily acrylics are free of Bisphenol-A. What’s more, the production of these acrylics is controlled under the very strictest conditions, ISO and CE certified and made in Germany. Profit now from over...

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Made at Schütz Dental in cooperation with Prof. Gutowski. Cold-curing acrylics FuturaGen: The high-class one “Good” just not good enough? Then FuturaGen is perfect for you. Boasting excellent physical properties, this coldcuring acrylic on a methyl methacrylate basis, sets a new benchmark. Extensive range of colours Minimal residual monomer Impressive strength - ideal for occlusal splints Extremely smooth surface reducing the build-up of plaque P erfect if you want to individualise your work with Futura Intensive Colours, the PCS System or separate veins for example l really good fit thanks...

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Cold-curing acrylics FuturaPress LT: The classic one Great for completing frameworks as it stops running after being poured. With a simple application process, it’s proved itself for many years. Capable of managing up to three saddles in a single application. FuturaPress N and LT Liquid Containers: 0.5 l and 1 l l Good physical properties l High colour stability l Minimal shrinkage Powder colours for FuturaPress N: pink-transparent, pink-opaque*, clear, pink-transparent-veined *, pink**, pink-veined * Containers: 0.5 kg and 1 kg (*Container: 1 kg, ** Containers: 1 kg and 12 kg) Powder...

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Heat-curing acrylics FuturAcryl 2000: The quick heat-curing acrylic This heat-curing acrylic will definitely keep ahead of the competition! A combination of brilliant physical properties, a very wide range of colours and a top aesthetic result is what makes FuturAcryl 2000 one of the best heat-curing acrylics on the market. The speed curing possibility of this acrylic lets you finish dentures quicker saving you time and money. FuturAcryl 2000 Liquid Containers: 0.25 l, 0.5 l and 1 l Injection technique Full dentures l Very good mechanical properties l lso suitable for the quick-curing...

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The perfect fit Flexor The permanently soft reliner. Guaranteed to retain its elasticity and to exhibit optimum elastic recovery. Maintains its precision of fit and tear resistance. Flexor CC This denture relining material stays soft and is based on A-silicone. Cold-curing and permanently soft. Easier to use: achieve direct applications without any difficulty. Turasil Producing stents, duplicating or isolating? This silicone kneading material is the answer and comes with a paste-hardener. FuturaSep Plus Single component, alginate separating agent. Safely separates plaster from the acrylic....

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One Series – Many different uses FuturaGen Uses Futura Basic Futura Basic FuturAcryl Cold Hot 2000 Injection technique, repairs, completing castings, full dentures, denture relinings Injection technique, repairs, completing castings, full dentures, denture relinings Repairs, completing castings, denture relinings Repairs, completing castings, denture relinings Repairs, denture relinings Repairs, completing castings, denture relinings Completing castings, full dentures Injection technique, full dentures 2 min/ Processing time:pouring 4 min phase/ plastic phase Mixing ratio (weight) Powder:...

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