The nano composite that offers aesthetics and security - 6 Pages

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The nano composite that offers aesthetics and security

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The nano composite that offers aesthetics and security

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NanoPaq is a light-curing composite with an ultra-fine, radiopaque glass filler. By cross-linking the nano particles, the physical values were optimized even further, making NanoPaq an excellent choice for anterior and posterior tooth restorations of all Black's classes. Different filler particle sizes make NanoPaq easy to shape and to polish. Special color pigments create highly aesthetic effects and help the restoration to blend into the natural dentition easily. Your advantages: | 2 |    NanoPaq significantly decreased shrinkage easy handling quick and easy polishing, extraordinary...

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REM-image of a minimized gap Bond between enamel and NanoPaq Scientific Tests Polymerization shrinkage test Cytotoxicity test „In these tests under the described conditions, no components in cytotoxic concentration have been dissolved from the test specimen. Therefore, the tested product can be classified as non-toxic.“ This test by BSL Bioservice GmbH shows that NanoPaq does not show any cytotoxic effects. NanoPaq (Schütz Dental GmbH) Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Source: BSL Bioservice Scientific Laboratories GmbH, Planegg/Germany Average shrinkage (%) Source: InnoMat GmbH, Teltow/Germany For...

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Matching products Capo Slow Flow Capo Natural Ultra-fine micro-hybrid composite with enhanced abrasion values. Available in different tooth shades. High biocompatibility. Art. no. 232055 Capo Universal Offers the same excellent properties as Capo Natural. Available in one universal color for posterior tooth restorations. Outstanding brilliance. Light-curing composite for posterior tooth restorations. Suitable for a layer thickness of up to 4 mm. Capo Etch Set Safe and quick etching of dentin and enamel. High viscosity and extraordinary contrast to the natural teeth - this makes the product...

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Clinical case study Maximilian Kollmuß and Julia Goeke Tight seal Application of Capo Bond after etching in the total etch technique. Final finish Finished filling after the polymerization of the bonding layer with an LED lamp. Polishing was carried quickly and easily. Finished restoration The restoration convinces due to an exact color adaptation to the natural tooth color. Removal of the carious hard tooth substance and smoothening the edges in the approximal areas. Caries excavation create nearly perfect reconstructions of the hard tooth substance. In addition, the excellent polishing...

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