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Together to the future

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Wolf Zientz Dear Partners "Do I really need all of this?" That's a legitimate question when it comes to all those innovations offered to you these days. In my view, modern dental labs and dentists simply can't ignore the digital trend. Notwithstanding, you need stable systems - not a one day wonder. Schütz Dental will spare no effort to offer you technically mature solutions: Carefully designed products sensibly coordinated to each other. Plus a technical support that deserves its name. And finally - if you need it - a marketing concept that will help you market your services. Your perfect...

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Schütz Dental – more than just products! The complete digital workflow from Schütz Dental: A coordination of zebris (TMJ analysis), IMPLA 3D (implant navigation software), CT systems, intraoral cameras, laser sintering systems and the Tizian CAD/ CAM system. The complete digital workflow becomes reality… with Schütz Dental. Complete digital workflow. Your advantages: more safety more efficient procedures higher precision independence image Professional training courses help you to stay ahead the com­ etition p The world of dentistry, implantology and dental technology is spinning faster...

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Schütz Dental – more than just products Our service does not stop with the sale! "Your success is our goal" - we take this slogan very seriously. Our experts are at your disposal for any questions that you may have on techniques of application, equipment technology or marketing for your practice or lab. »» nline support: If you should have questions concerning o e.g. Tizian CAD/CAM, our experts connect to your system and give you the necessary support. You can continue your work quickly and do not lose time. »» ustomer service hotline: Just call and consult one of our c experts. »» ebinars:...

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Tizian CAD/CAM – As individual as your restorations Tizian Smart-Scan »» cans individual stumps, bridges of up to 16 s units, abutments and supra constructions, opposing jaw, mush bite, gingiva, wax-ups, wax models, slide attachments »» quick and safe fixation of the bases »» scan times: individual stump »» rescan feature »» ighly flexible and no dependence on a specific h system: exports open STL-files »» o more with less: coordinated software + large d field of view = high precision »» imensions (w/h/d) and weight: 43 x 52.5 x 47 cm, d approx. 45 kg Tizian Creativ RT CAD-Software Huge...

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Tizian Cut 5 smart Cutting-edge and trendsetting: the new generation of milling systems Tizian Cut 5 smart - the system that handles just about all undercuts. Your advantages »» tay free and independent with a license-free system and open s STL-files »» uture-proof by means of integration into the "Complete Digitial f Workflow" »» high quality system components guarantee a long work life »» lug and play: have fun working with your user-friendly system p from the beginning. »» "made in Germany" »» high precision: repetitive accuracy of +/- 3 μm »» optional blank changer 49 x 44.5 x 54 cm...

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IMPLA 3D – Simply safe The open IMPLA 3D system Plan implant surgery and implant-supported restorations (abutments and crowns) virtually with IMPLA 3D. IMPLA 3D navigation is open to most implant systems and helps to clear your way to a perfect implant-supported restoration. Your advantages with IMPLA 3D »» he system is future-proof, because it’s a component of the digital t workflow »» precise preplanning of each implant's position (increased safety) »» highly aesthetic results with preplanned implant-supported restorations »» increased customer satisfaction ("flapless" technique = more...

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IMPLA – Implants "Made in Germany" Professional, safe and easy to handle - that's IMPLA All IMPLA implants have a high purity surface which is an important prerequisite for successful osseointegration. IMPLA Micro Retention Cone Connection »» ombination of hex socket and C tapered connection (all advantages combined in one implant) IMPLA Dual Surface »» polished implant neck Your advantages with IMPLA »» safety: approved quality "made in Germany" »» versatility: a wide range of indications »» insert all implants with one surgery kit »» long-term experience: since 1963 IMPLA Micro Retention...

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zebris Jaw Measurement Analysis System – S imple and precise Your advantages »» dditional income (private health care) a »» reduced grinding times (less occlusal refinishing) »» increased legal safety »» creates patient loyalty »» high patient satisfaction »» easy to integrate into daily routines »» can be connected to your practice software via VDDS »» easy, fast and precise »» scientifically established »» comfortable for the patient Optional accessories » cable-free connection (Bluetooth and infrared) » EMG to record muscle activity » 2D photo and video scan to record facial movements...

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Capo Bulk Fill – Quick, safe and easy Make your job quicker and simpler without compromising on the physical properties. Save a lot of time with a layer thickness of up to 4 mm. Capo Bulk fill is a light-curing composite for posterior teeth. mean value technique. The latter is a quick and easy technique suited to layer thicknesses of up to 4 mm. The highly viscous material adapts excellently to the cavity bottom and the cavity walls. Vickers hardness Compressive strength Filler content It is used in the direct fill technique and in the bulk fill Indications of Capo Bulk Fill »» llings with...

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