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Your SUcceSs is our Passion PRODUCT CATALOG

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Your success is our passion Wolf Zientz CEO Dear Partners, "I like yellow", a customer recently told me when looking at our company color. Of course, I asked him why he is so satisfied with our service. "Perhaps it is the fact that you have not forgotten that success results from hard work - one can feel that you still believe in going the extra mile. Or maybe it is just the people? At Schütz, there are still people who have fun working together to get something off the ground, to make a difference. And in an emergency, you can even get a hold of those guys late at night." This attitude is...

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contact us Direct extensions: +49 (0) 6003-814-0 Export Department Technical Support Equipment Service Export Department & Contact persons Antje Maurer Michael Wierz E-Mail: E-Mail: David Omo-Ayere Emilian Bogdan E-Mail: E-Mail: Heinz Helmut Meyer E-Mail: E-Mail: Vanessa Volk Sabine Naumann E-Mail: E-Mail: International Sales Director Export Marketing Manager Export Area Manager...

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Contents Accessories Zirconium + ceramic Tizian Mill - pantograph Tizian Blanks and accessories - zirconium Tizian CAD/CAM Microtex 84 universal - investment material AlphaCast Universal - investment material AlphaDie MF - die material Paint Acryl - modelling acrylic Microform - duplicating gel Profit - glue Stone prep - insulation Silicone wetting agent Tizian Scan - scanning system Tizian Creativ - CAD software Tizian Cut Eco Plus / Tizian Cut - milling system Tizian Cut 5 - milling system Tizian Furnace - sintering furnance Tizian LiquiDrill - turbine FuturaGen - high end acrylic...

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Complete Digital Workflow With Schütz Dental you can offer your customers the completely coordinated digital workflow. Starting at the dentist's office and ending in the lab where the job’s are produced with digital systems. The digital process has been streamlined and accelerated by “simple clicks” and an adjustment of hardware and software components, for improved reliability and precision. These advantages will set you apart from your competitors and will help your long-term success. This Digital Workflow contains several well-coordinated digital systems by Schütz Dental. Tizian CAD/CAM...

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Tizian Mill Tizian Mill - pantograph art. no Tizian Mill pantograph Suction bell Tizian Mill extraction system Tizian LiquiDrill Control unit for Tizian Mill Tizian Q-PLC, light-curing unit Tizian Mill workbench Technical data of Tizian Mill Dimensions (w/d/h): Weight: Electrical ratings: Primary Power: Tizian Mill In-house manufacturing - manual designing - in your own lab All this and more is the cutting-edge copy-milling system for zirconium React quickly and efficiently to your customers‘ demands. The milling of one coping takes only about 15 min. There is no need for large expenditures...

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Tizian Mill accessories Tizian Mill Blanks 624950 Tizian plate resin set Base for Tizian plate resin, 100 ml Hardener for Tizian plate resin, 100 ml Tizian flow resin set Tizian Fix, base modelling glue, 10 ml Tizian Fix, activator for modelling Tizian Mill base disc holder, small Tizian Mill base disc holder, medium Tizian Mill base disc holder, large Tizian Mill base disc former, small Tizian Mill base disc former, medium Tizian Mill base disc former, large Tizian Blank holder for blank size 1 Tizian Blank holder for blank size 4 Tizian Blank holder for blank size 7 Tizian Blank holder...

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CAD/CAM Tizian CAD/CAM Tizian Scan Tizian Creativ Tizian Cut Tizian Furnace Tizian Ceramic

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Tizian CAD/CAM The right solution Tizian CAD/CAM Starter Set including: Tizian Scan, opt. Scanner incl. Software PC System for Tizian CAD/CAM >> Tizian CAD/CAM Technology Tizian CAD/CAM technology combines computer-supported scanning with Tizian Scan: Constructing with Tizian Creativ RT design software. Milling zirconium, zirconium occlusal, PMMA, burn out ressin, CoCr soft and composite using one of the Tizian Cut systems. Tizian CAD/CAM is economical and very user-friendly ·· Create added value for your lab with a relatively low investment ·· All components are perfectly designed to...

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Tizian Scan Tizian Scan high definition Tizian Scan - Scanner art. no Tizian Scan 102, optical Scanner Scan Fixator for Baumann articulators Scan Fixator for Girrbach articulators Scan Fixator for SAM articulators Technical data of Tizian Scan 102 Dimensions: Weight: Input supply voltage: Rating: Color: 3D-stripe light scanner Scan area: Model color: Scan time: Precision: 600 x 400 x 400 mm 38 kg 110-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz CE white 100 mm diameter x 30 mm White aluminium (RAL9006) - for a single stump ~ 3 min. - for a complete jaw ~ 20 min. - for a three-part bridge ~ 5 min. more exact than 15...

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Tizian Creativ - CAD Software art. no Tizian Creativ, CAD software Tizian Creativ software license unlimited Virtual Articulator Abutment Designer >> Tizian Creativ In just a few steps you can create perfect restorations on screen. The program will lead you through the menu step by step. The learning curve is very short, thanks to the easy menu arrangement. All important parameters are individually adjustable, e.g. diameter of the connectors, the thickness of the walls, the size of the cement gap or the angles of telescopes. Features: ·· Modellation in real time ·· Subsequent finishing and...

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Tizian milling system Tizian CUT eco Plus / Tizian CUT Economic milling Tizian Cut ECO plus / Tizian CUT - 4-Axes milling system art. no Tizian Cut Eco plus milling machine incl. CAM software Technical data of Tizian Cut Eco plus ·· Traversing range (X/Y/Z): 100 x 100 x 40 mm, with round-bodied threaded spindle and cut steel guidance ·· Rotary axis (A) with integrated Harmonic Drive ·· Automatic axis measurement and axis compensation ·· 4-axes control electronics ·· High frequency spindle 170 W, 60,000 rpm with automatic 6-fold tool changer and length measurement ·· 3 precision mills ··...

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