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DENTAL Premium Products for Labs

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Quality is our tradition since more than 55 years premium products for labs Made in Germany Contents Units page 2-10 Equipment for Wax Modellation // Vibrators // Plaster Trimmers // Equipment for Acrylic Prosthetics // Polishing & Gilding Units Instruments page 11-13 The Original Crown and Bridge Remover // modelling instruments for Wax & Ceramics // Plaster Knife // Wax Knives // Carver-Le-Cron // Feeler Tweezers Accessories ► page 14-17 Blow-out Nozzle // Saw Blades // Model Saw Bow // Articulator // Brass Flask // Magnets for Split System // Ceramic Brushes,...

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Dental Catalogue - 3

Equipment for Wax Modellation S-U-TAUCHDOSE Dipping Unit For veneer-, telescoping- and general bridge techniques. An electrically heated unit with continuous temperature regulation from 176°F (80°C) to 216°F (105°C) for the production of wax copings within seconds. The melting pot has a solid metal housing leading to a long lasting warming of the waxes. Delivered with S-U-DIPPING-WAX, green. We recommend our S-U-DIPPING-WAXES, see page 30 and for the lubrication of dies our S-U-ISOFIX, see page 20. Technical Data 120 x 85 x 90 mm (incl. switch) // 230 V // 50/60 Hz // 50 W // contents of...

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Dental Catalogue - 4

Equipment for Wax Modellation S-U-ELEKTRO-KULI Electric Wax Knife Instrument for all types of modelling with a modern, servicefriendly equipment design in desk form. No fuse change necessary after a defect (overload). Automatic cut-out facility which automatically restarts the S-UELEKTRO-KULI after the cause of the error has been rectified and a brief operational pause. With error display. Fully insulated. With integrated storage space for the modelling handpiece S-U-HANDPIECE EN 563. Technical Data 55 x 85 x 170 mm // 230 V* // 50/60 Hz // secondary voltage max. 6 V // max. 9 W // approx....

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Dental Catalogue - 5

Already contained in S-U-ELEKTRO-KULI, -MINI and S-U-AURO-KULI. The S-U-HANDPIECE is thinner and lighter, so that it is handier. It holds very low surface temperatures, which are partly significantly below limit values of European standard EN 563. (EN 563 defines limit values of surface temperatures, depending on duration of contact and material, at which no burning of the skin occurs.) A low contamination and easy to clean, as no cork or similarly porous materials are used for heat insulation. As far as electrical connection and available surface-mounted instruments (modelling spikes) are...

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Dental Catalogue - 6

Units S-U-VIBRABABY Vibrator for one flask An ideal unit for small laboratories or practice labs. Perfect for the pouring of single impressions and the shaking-in of 1 flask or muffle. Two-step switch for the regulation of the vibration-intensity. Technical Data 110 x 120 x 120 mm (table measurements) // 230 V* // 50/60 Hz // 90 W // intensity 2-steps // 2,8 kg * 110  120 V version upon request – S-U-VIBRAKID Vibrator for two flasks Universal, powerful vibrator with constant vibration capacity, equally allotted on the entire surface. 2-step switch for the regulation of the vibration...

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Dental Catalogue - 7

Plaster Trimmers S-U-JUNIOR-CUT Plaster Trimmer Compact plaster trimmer with maintainance-free power­ul motor at f 3000 rpm. Solid construction. Salt-water resistant cast aluminium. Silicone-carbide coated trimmer disc. Power-saving trimming. S-U-JUNIOR-CUT maximo coated with a diamond disc guarantees highest grinding capacity at low pressure energy. Technical Data 320 x 305 x 430 mm // 230 V // 50/60 Hz // 550 W // disc diameter 250 mm // revolutions 3000 min-1 // con­­ nec. outlet/tube 1”/32 mm // inlet tube 13 x 3 mm // 13,5 kg S-U-JUNIOR-CUT, with silicone-carbide disc item no. 15 140...

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Dental Catalogue - 8

Plaster Trimmers / Acrylic Prosthetics S-U-SUPER-CUT Plaster Trimmer Solid and extremely powerful high standard unit with integrated solenoid valve for highest demands in professional laboratories. A large window (110 x 130 mm) in the spray board in combination with the diamond grinding disc offers a broad working area also for large models. Generously dimensioned spraying system, adjustable from the outside, continuously guarantees a perfect cleaning of the disc. Saltwater resistant cast aluminium frame together with other non-corrosive parts ensure high stability and long durability. All...

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Dental Catalogue - 9

Acrylic Prosthetics Equipment S-U-FLASK-PRESS Hydraulic Flask Press Thanks to its robust and resistant structure, this hydraulic flask press will work reliably for years without problem. It has the ideal size and dimensions to enable use with special clamping frames that are used in injection techniques. The height is designed to accommodate 3 flasks, including clamps. Brass flask, see page 14. The pressure is controlled by a pressure gauge and the table is automatically lowered after opening of the relief valve. No risk of loss of pressure or oil under normal use because of the non-porous...

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Dental Catalogue - 10

Acrylic Prosthetics Equipment S-U-ACRYLMAT Polymerisation Pressure Pot Polymerisation pressure pot, made of aluminum. Resistant teflon-coating, non-corrosive metal-parts, reinforced aluminum container. High working safety, longlasting function. Tested by the German “TÜV”. With anti-corrosion coating. Technical Data height without valve 180 mm // height inclusive valve 250 mm // internal diameter max. 200 mm // contents 4,0 l // operating pressure 2,2 bar // operating overpressure max. 2,5 bar // pressure of air supply max. 8,0 bar // operating temperature max. 50°C (122°F) // 3 kg Also...

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Dental Catalogue - 11

Polishing & Gilding Units S-U-UNOPOL Electrolytic Polishing Unit Electrolytic polishing unit for 1 cast chrome denture. Compact and well proven construction – especially convenient for small laboratories. Variable, 6-step current control up to max. 5 A. Excellent results, despite easy handling. As a protection for the electrical parts, a synthetic tray is situated underneath the electrolyte tank. Technical Data 330 x 170 x 210 mm (total depth) // 230 V* // 50/60 Hz // 80 W // polishing current max. 5 A // contents of bath max. 1250 ml // 4,0 kg * 110–120 V version upon request As gilding...

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