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SCIEX 6500 + SERIES MASS SPEC TROMETERS Revolutionary Sensitivity, Speed, and Performance SCIEX 6500 + SERIES MASS SPECTROMETERS

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Enhance Your Capabilities with SCIEX 6500+ Series Mass Spectrometers Your most challenging analytes can’t hide. Revolutionary sensitivity, speed, and performance delivered through technology enhancements designed to see it all. A No Compromise Solution Low mass or high mass, positive or negative polarity - detect and identify analytes across a wide scope of chemistries at once. The SCIEX 6500+ Series with IonDrive™ technology enhances performance across key applications: Small and large molecules in bioanalysis • Priority environmental contaminants • Comprehensive food residue monitoring •...

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Visionary sensitivity The SCIEX 6500+ Series with IonDrive technology, improved detection system, and elevated SelexION®+ differential mobility separation technology device, merges outstanding sensitivity with renowned performance to give you the lowest limits of quantitation (LLOQ) for compounds of many classes, even in complex matrices, for robust and reliable results you can count on. IonDrive technology is built into the system, from the ionization source, through the ion-focusing region, all the way to the new and enhanced high energy detector, increasing the number of ions...

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SCIEX has been designing MS instruments for the past 40 years. Each platform introduced is the culmination of years of research and development in improving sensitivity, accelerating throughput, and enhancing data quality. IonDrive technology with the enhanced high energy detector and SelexION®+ technology built into the new 6500+ Series LC-MS/MS systems pushes the boundary even further. IonDrive technology simultaneously targets three critical areas of enhancements in the 6500+ Series, ruggedly driving best-in-class performance improvements and unrivaled sensitivity in three key components...

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Sensitivity and RuggednesslonDrive™ Turbo V source Produce More Ions Capture More Ions Detect More Ions Get more sensitivity without sacrificing robustness and ruggedness through enhanced gas flow and optimized heater configuration compounded with the legacy Turbo V design. The IonDrive Turbo V source maintains the quick-change APCI -O and TurboIonSpray probes as well as adaptability to the new low dispersion electrodes for use with microflow UHPLC methods. From 5 plVmin to 3 ml7min, the IonDrive Turbo V source is the perfect match for narrow bore, standard bore, and UHPLC flow rates. r...

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r A Increase confidence QTRAP® technology Boost selectivity for added confidence in your most challenging assays C with enhanced mass spec scanning modes that deliver MRM and so much more. Take advantage of 20,000 Da/s scan speed and full scan linear ion trap sensitivity improved by 100x over the Triple Quad system for greater confidence in quantitative workflows. \_ r \ Detection without bias IonDrive™ High Energy Detector+ Get consistent and reliable quantitative results for all ions, regardless of polarity, chemistry, and concentration, all in a single injection. V_J Enhanced...

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The SCIEX Triple Quad™ 6500+ System Ultra-sensitive and robust for definitive quant The Triple Quad 6500+ system delivers ultra-low limits of quantitation with significant enhancements in everything from ion production, to ion focusing and transmission, and through to detection. The results speak for themselves. • Best in class MRM sensitivity • Up to 6 orders of linear dynamic range for excellent quantitation • 2000 m/z upper mass limit Verified inter- and intra- instrument robustness with the IonDrive™ Turbo V source Optimized UHPLC strategies with scan speeds of up to 12,000 Da/sec,...

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The newly enhanced High Energy Detector+, with an increased detection area, new high voltage power supply, and floated design, delivers significant performance improvements, enabling even lower limits of quantitation for challenging analytes that ionize in both positive and negative modes, as well as improving switching between modes to quantify more compounds in each injection. positive polarity (552 MRMs) negative polarity (58 MRMs) Extended compound detection in a single run Ultra-fast polarity switching at rates as low as 5 ms combined with Scheduled MRM™ Pro algorithm provides...

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Enhance Your Methods with QTRAP® Evolved functionality for accelerated performance See the full MS/MS picture for every MRM MRM3 – a generation of quantitation without Automated MRM3 method method-building scripts When combined with the QTRAP technology, makes parameter definition effortless while also the 6500+ Series delivers the MRM sensitivity you When high background or challenging co-eluting making the MRM3 workflow a fast, reproducible, need for quantitation, with added 100X increase interferences make standard MRM quantitation in full-scan sensitivity over basic triple quads. The...

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Front-end Solutions for Your Most Challenging Assays Regardless of the challenges encountered in the development of your assays, you can have confidence that the 6500+ Series has the tools you need when you need them. Nanoflow made easy: See what you have been missing: Double your productivity: The NanoSpray® III source makes working with The PhotoSpray® ionization source is a completely The optional DuoSpray™ source contains the nanoflow chromatography easy while providing the self-contained ionization source that expands the TurboIonSpray® and APCI probes in one housing highest...

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The newly enhanced SCIEX SelexION®+ Technology with Jet Injector technology has been redesigned for improved transmission in ion mobility detection. More ions + less noise = sensitivity delivered. A World of Options – a New Dimension in Selectivity Differential ion mobility separation Improve data quality and enhance selectivity for challenging samples that require advanced analytical separations. The 6500+ Series with SelexION+ technology is the ideal development suite for any application requiring the separation of isobaric species, isolation of challenging co-eluting contaminants, and...

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