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AB SCIEX TripleTOF® 5600+ System - 12 Pages

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AB SCIEX TripleTOF® 5600+ System

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AB SCIEX TRIPLETOF ™ 5600 SYSTEM Extending the limits of high resolution quantitative and qualitative analysis + AB SCIEX TRIPLETOF ™ 5600 SYSTEM

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AB SCIEX has been a leader in the field of mass spectrometry for more than 25 years. With each generation of our system solutions, we have raised the bar for quantitative and qualitative analysis in pharmaceutical drug development, life science research, food and environmental safety, forensic toxicology, and clinical research. The original TripleTOF™ 5600 system was the first system to combine comprehensive qualitative exploration, rapid profiling, and high-resolution quantitation on a single accurate mass platform. The next generation, TripleTOF™ 5600+ system adds innovative acquisition...

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The AB SCIEX TripleTOF™ 5600+ System High resolution quantitative and qualitative analysis The AB SCIEX TripleTOF 5600+ extends the market-leading capabilities of the TripleTOF family, by providing broader applicability in the pharmaceutical industry and enabling a new paradigm in proteomics research. No other accurate mass MS/MS instrument has the speed and sensitivity to deliver comprehensive qualitative exploration, rapid profiling, and high-resolution quantitation in complex matrices – all in a single injection, on a single platform.

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One system, flexible workflows For the first time, pharma, academic and analytical testing scientists can integrate comprehensive qualitative exploration, rapid profiling, and high-resolution quantitation workflows on a single platform providing faster and more accurate answers to “what is in the sample, how much is there, and does it change?” QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS EXPLORE Explore complex samples in greater depth: Select up to 100 precursors – and generate high resolution and high mass accuracy MS/MS spectra in LC High resolution MS/MS a second using powerful IDA...

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High resolution, accurate mass MS PROFILE Profile samples for quant and qual in a single run: Quantify virtually every compound in the sample High resolution, accurate mass MS/MS with high-resolution MS quantification and fast chromatography; confirm compound identity with highresolution, accurate-mass MS/MS; then mine the data for the information you need. Quantitative and qualitative information in a single run • Combine high-resolution MS quantification with high-resolution MS/MS ID confirmation Quantify every compound—even under fast LC conditions Re-visit data for further interrogation...

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Innovative technology Beginning with the best-in-class quantitative performance of the Triple Quad™ 5500 system, AB SCIEX researchers developed the AcceleratorTOF™ Analyzer to deliver high resolution at the speed and sensitivity required to maintain the precision and limits-of-quantitation associated with MRM. The result is the breakthrough AB SCIEX TripleTOF™ 5600+ System­ the next generation — in quadrupole TOF technology. • 40 GHz four channel TDC and detector provide highest sampling speeds and maintains high resolution – even at low mass • 30kHz accelerator for highest acquisition rate...

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Intelligent implementation Improve productivity and specificity by acquiring information Ion mobility enabled, for a new dimension in selectivity instead of just data. • Dynamic background subtraction On the TripleTOF 5600+, SelexION™ technology adds a new of MS/MS on background ions to increase identification of dimension to accurate mass selectivity for enhanced quantitative low-level analytes in the presence of background noise. • Multiple mass defect triggered IDA (Information Dependent Acquisition) improves efficiency and reduces the need for multiple injections to get comprehensive...

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Performance delivered Scientists have come to expect industry-leading performance from AB SCIEX mass spectrometers. The TripleTOF™ 5600+ system delivers with high-resolution, high-sensitivity data, excellent mass accuracy stability, and fast acquisition rates. If you're looking for unmatched performance, look no further than the TripleTOF 5600+ system. Time (Mins) High-resolution, high-sensitivity data with acguisition speed up to 100 spectra/sec makes the TripleTOF 5600 system a perfect compliment to ultra-fast chromatography. The system also provides 4-5 orders of magnitude of linearity...

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Applied power In-depth identification and expression analysis for omics and biomarker studies. A new standard for protein identification and targeted quantitation: The TripleTOF™ 5600+ system achieves the highest One Touch Productivity ProteinPilot™ Software acquisition speeds while maintaining maximum resolution and mass accuracy for unmatched protein identification. The resolution and speed also enable MRM-like quantitation without significant of every proteomic sample method development. using the powerful algorithms within ProteinPilot Software. Comparative analysis for metabolomics...

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MS/MSALL with SWATH™ Acquisition MS/MSALL with SWATH™ Acquisition is changing the way scientists of detection that were previously only attainable using targeted work in quantitative proteomics. Driven by the superior speed and MRM strategies on triple quadrupole systems. high-resolution performance of the TripleTOF™ 5600+ system in both MS and MS/MS mode, this technique provides comprehensive Finally, one of the greatest benefits of using MS/MSALL with quantitative MS/MS data on every component in a sample in a SWATH Acquisition is that for every sample analyzed, the technique single...

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Eksigent NanoLC-Ultra® with cHiPLC® The most precise quantitation requires the most reproducible nanoflow separations Selected Peptides Abundances HLNDQPNADIVTIGDK YBR039W Gamma subunit of the F1 sector of mitochondrial F1F0 ATP synthase 28,103 copies (log2=14.8) NQQLEEDLEESDTK YNL079C Major isoform of tropomysosin 3,000 copies per cell (log2=11.6) LNTGHEILQIQPR YER024W Carnitine acetyltransferase 319 copies per cell (log2=8.3) SSAAGNTVIIGGGDATAVAK YCR012W 3-phosphoglycerate kinase 314 024 copies per cell (log2=18.2) Sensitivity and Dynamic Range Equivalent to MRM Assays Quantitative...

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