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For Optimal Viewing and Direct Content Access - Please View in Adobe Reader Small Molecules Bioanalysis Quantitation Applications eBook Technology that powers the future of bioanalysis, today. /SCIEX Answers for Science. Knowledge for Life.'

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A Legacy of Innovation for Quantitation Bioanalysis studies are an integral part of therapeutic development. Scientists must quantify drug products to impeccable levels of sensitivity and selectivity to ensure proper dosage, efficacy and safety. At the same time, many labs are facing the inevitable move to more complex large molecule and biologics bioanalysis. As therapeutics continually evolve to become more complex, we can help you to keep up with the pace of change with the right technology and the right support. In 1981 SCIEX revolutionized small molecule bioanalysis by launching the...

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Bioanalysis Quantitation Applications eBook - 3

A Sub-picogram Quantification Method for Desmopressin in Plasma using the Triple Quad™ 6500 System Highly Sensitive and Robust Quantification Method for Ethinyl Estradiol and Drospirenone in Plasma Bioanalysis of ß-Lactamase Inhibitors on the QTRAP® 6500+ System Small Molecule Quantitation Accurate and robust quantitation of small molecule therapeutics can be complicated by matrix interferences, or by the need for achieving increasingly lower LOQs in complex sample matrices. SCIEX best-in-class hardware provides excellent sensitivity and linear dynamic range, along with the option of...

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Bioanalysis Quantitation Applications eBook - 4

Quantitation of Insulin Glargine in Human Plasma using ImmunocaptureBased Target Enrichment and Trap-and-Elute Microflow LC-MS/MS Signature Peptide Quantitation for Follicle Stimulation Hormone (FSH) in Human Serum Peptide and Protein Quantitation Bioanalytical researchers need to develop and validate highly selective and sensitive assays to quantify the levels of biotherapeutic peptides or of Benefits of Differential Ion Mobility Spectrometry for High-Sensitivity Quantitation of Peptides Sensitive and Reproducible Quantitation for Pegylated Interferon α-2b in Serum signature peptides for...

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Bioanalysis Quantitation Applications eBook - 5

Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Adalimumab by ELISA and Hybrid LBA-LC/MS: A Comparison Study Pharmacokinetic Analysis of Trastuzumab by ELISA and Hybrid LBA-LC/MS: A Comparison Study mAbs and ADC Improving Sensitivity for Infliximab Quantitation in Rat Plasma using Trap-and-Elute MicroLC-MS/MS Quantitation Developing a sensitive and selective quantitative assay for a mAb or antibody drug conjugate (ADC) can be time consuming and complicated. Developing sample enrichment protocols, choosing signature peptides, and optimizing LC-MS conditions are all critical to creating a robust and reliable...

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Bioanalysis Quantitation Applications eBook - 6

Quantification of Large Oligonucleotides using High-Resolution MS/MS on the TripleTOF System Quantitative Lipid Profiling of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Lipid and Oligonucleotide Quantitation Quantitative Lipid Analysis Using MRM and SelexION Differential Ion Mobility Technology Oligonucleotides represent a significant quantitation challenge due to their large size, polar nature, and the presence of sample impurities from synthesis methods. Similarly, quantitative analysis of lipid extracts is difficult due to the large isobaric overlap present in the lipidome, and extensive method...

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Bioanalysis Quantitation Applications eBook - 7

Learn how to overcome the top challenges you may encounter using QTRAP Technology: It's a Triple Quad, and so much more. See how QTRAP® addresses your biggest analytical challenges QTRAP technology delivers equivalent or better data, and more of it, than you can capture on an ordinary triple quad system. Learn how you can overcome these 5 common challenges by taking the leap to QTRAP. Quantitation challenges due to complex matrices? QTRAP technology can decrease the worry for accurate quantitation free from matrix interferences. Increase data selectivity beyond triple quad technology. The...

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