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Biomarker and Omics Solutions for Targeted Protein Quantitation


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Biomarker and Omics Solutions for Targeted Protein Quantitation - 2

As the market leader in mass spectrometry quantitation for over 20 years, we understand that accuracy, precision and reproducibility are of the utmost importance, and AB SCIEX systems are engineered from the ground up with just that philosophy in mind. With optimized software, reagents and workflows, AB SCIEX Targeted Protein Quantitation solutions push the limits of analysis and help deliver breakthrough discoveries in protein and biomarker research.

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Biomarker and Omics Solutions for Targeted Protein Quantitation - 3

Starting with the right tools Powerful mass spectrometry systems are combined with innovative software and reagents, to create workflows that drive increased productivity, while saving time and money. The market leading AB SCIEX Triple Quad™ and QTRAP® systems are designed to maximize the number of MRM/SRM transitions and deliver reproducible peptide quantitation at the lowest limits of quantitation (LLOQ) day after day. The unique TripleTOF™ system delivers powerful discovery data but is equally at home generating high-specificity quantitation using high-resolution MRM (MRMHR). MRM Assay...

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Biomarker and Omics Solutions for Targeted Protein Quantitation - 4

The protein research pipeline Protein research is a continuous pipeline. Typically beginning with a small number of samples, hypotheses are tested and key proteins are identified and characterized. These proteins can then be verified and validated in greater numbers of samples to account for biological variation. Finally, assays are developed for routine quantitation of the proteins. Protein research pipeline tens DISCOVER IDENTIFY A AB SCIEX TOF/TOF ™ Systems A SCIEX TripleTOF ™ Systems AB AB SCIEX QTRAP ® Systems Easily integrate with MS-based chemistries and kits

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Biomarker and Omics Solutions for Targeted Protein Quantitation - 5

Solutions for Quantitation Powerful hardware Establish the foundation for high-quality protein quantitation with the world-class performance and walk-up usability of our QTRAP® 5500 and TripleTOF™ 5600 systems with Eksigent LC technologies. Timesaving software Develop assays to many proteins and quantify across hundreds of samples using MRMPilot™ and MultiQuant™ software, and make use of the innovative SignalFinder™ and Scheduled MRM™ Algorithms. Optimized strategies for internal standards Maximize analytical reproducibility of your assay, correct for experimental inconsistencies, and...

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Biomarker and Omics Solutions for Targeted Protein Quantitation - 6

It all starts with MRM assay development You need the right tools to create robust, reliable assays. QTRAP’s are the best triple quadrupoles available, but with combined Linear Ion Trap technology, they offer so much more. And MRMPilot™ Software brings intuitive simplicity. Powerful and unique instrumentation The unique TripleTrap™ scanning capability of the QTRAP® system The AB SCIEX TripleTOF™ 5600 System has a similar capability to enables the MIDAS workflow—an amazingly powerful solution the MIDAS™ Workflow because the detection of fragment ions to create optimized MRM/SRM assays...

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Biomarker and Omics Solutions for Targeted Protein Quantitation - 7

MRMPilot™ Software – simplified assay development MRMPilot ™ Software uses the power of the MIDAS™ workflow Once the data are acquired, the data files are opened back into on QTRAP® systems and MRMHR on TripleTOF™ systems to enable MRMPilot software and evaluated for quantitative suitability iterative development of MRM assays. With MRMPilot software, and peptide identity using the powerful visualization tools in assay development is simple. Potential peptides and fragment MRMPilot software. Additional iterations of the workflow can be ions for multiple proteins are determined from...

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Biomarker and Omics Solutions for Targeted Protein Quantitation - 8

MRM Assays: Optimized precision, maximized capacity For some assays it's very important to monitor hundreds or thousands of transitions all in a single run. With the Scheduled MRM™ algorithm that's made possible without requiring time- consuming manual method creation. With the Scheduled MRM Algorithm, simply enter a few parameters such as the MRM transitions and their expected retention times and the algorithm does all the work for you. Methods are generated automatically where each MRM transition is only monitored around it's expected elution time, thereby maintaining the analytical...

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Biomarker and Omics Solutions for Targeted Protein Quantitation - 9

Interference happens, even using MRM Interference in targeted quantitative assays can come from different sources and can degrade the quality of the quantitative data and ultimately the detection limits. The best way to increase the robustness of the assay is to avoid interferences all together through higher specificity methods. MRMHR MRM3 MRM3 is a technique for increasing the specificity of your assay Because of its unique combination of high speed acquisition with that is only available with the AB SCIEX QTRAP 5500 System – the high resolution, and 4 orders of linear dynamic range, the...

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Biomarker and Omics Solutions for Targeted Protein Quantitation - 10

Higher reproducibility quantitation using chips The Eksigent cHiPLC® -nanoflex system The cHiPLC-nanoflex System is an innovative and flexible solution for highly reproducible chromatography with chip to chip reproducibility of less than 2% for standardizing your workflows. The patented chip-to-world connection provides the lowest dead-volume, leak-free connections every time and maintains the highest data quality. When combined with the split-less Eksigent NanoLC-Ultra® UHPLC System the retention time reproducibility of less than 0.5% RSD makes protein and peptide quantitation more...

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Biomarker and Omics Solutions for Targeted Protein Quantitation - 11

MultiQuant™ Software – automation drives productivity Built upon years of experience in MRM quantitative processing, MultiQuant™ Software was designed to enhance and automate the processing of large peptide-MRM datasets in an intuitive, userfriendly workspace. It supports all internal standard strategies for both relative and absolute quantitation and provides query tools to minimize manual data review and data integration. Flexible reporting capabilities are available to create user-specific reports, and the data can be easily exported to Microsoft Excel®. Powerful integration algorithms...

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