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Brochure: AB SCIEX Triple Quad 5500 System: Above and beyond the competition - 12 Pages

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Brochure: AB SCIEX Triple Quad 5500 System: Above and beyond the competition

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AB SCIEX TRIPLE QUAD™ 5500 SYSTEM Above and beyond the competition AB SCIEX TRIPLE QUAD™ 5500 SYSTEM

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The AB SCIEX Triple Quad ™ 5500 System is today’s most sensitive triple quadrupole mass spectrometer. Designed to deliver the highest level of sensitivity and robustness for even the most complex matrices, the Triple Quad 5500 exceeds the performance required by even the most demanding DMPK and ADMET studies and excels at multi-component quantitation required by environmental, targeted quantitative proteomics, clinical research, and food and beverage applications. Built from the ground up on new, fast eQ ™ electronics, the system combines new and improved patented technologies with a...

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The world’s most sensitive triple quadrupole. Again.

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Going above and beyond The AB SCIEX Triple Quad™ 5500 system is next-generation technology from the leaders in mass spectrometry. Engineered from the ground up utilizing the lessons learned in producing our industry standard triple quadrupole line of mass spectrometers, the Triple Quad 5500 System builds on our legacy with exciting new performance enhancements. Fast, precise quantitative performance Industry-standard Analyst® software Ultra-fast scan speeds improve precursor ion and neutral loss By uniting power and ease, the latest version of industry- scan performance allowing the duty...

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Deuterated internal standard Sample Number The above figure of 1300 injections of spiked Diazepam in protein-precipitated human plasma demonstrates the industry-leading ruggedness, reproducibility and reliability of the AB SCIEX Triple Quad™ 5500 System. The very low % CV of 3.3 for the calculated Diazepam peak area shows the system's ability to generate consistent quantitification results day in and day out, week after week, month after month The bromocriptine calibration curve demonstrates the linearity over 5 orders of magnitude dynamic range. The inset is the low standard, 5 fg of...

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Sources Rugged, reliable, easily interchangeable ion sources are available for a wide range of applications and flow rates to suit your analysis needs. Rapid source change-over extends system flexibility with minimum downtime. All temperature, gas, and electrical connections are fully integrated into the source housing—no extra lines to attach, and no lost time. Magnetic connections automatically detect the hardware change and alert the software. Turbo V™ source enables highest-sensitivity quantitation NanoSpray® III ion source is simple to assemble and disassemble, over a wide range of...

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The future path of triple quad technology—the gold-standard for quantitation technology The AB SCIEX Triple Quad™ 5500 System combines next-generation technology with the reliability of the world’s best-selling triple quadrupole family for unmatched quantitative performance. Finally, a reliable system with fantastic sensitivity and lightning speed which perfectly complements UHPLC and fast LC to establish productive, time-saving workflows that produce superior quantitative results every day. Patented QJet® Ion Guide Optimized design yields improved ion containment and operates at high...

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AcQuRate™ Pulse Counting Detector The AcQuRate™ detector is the latest in detector technology combined with a patented pulse overlap correction algorithm, enabling more accurate and precise ion detection over a wide dynamic range. Operating at maximum gain all the time drives the detector into the digital domain, simplifying the elimination of electronic noise and guaranteeing maximum sensitivity with unparalleled accuracy and precision. The best gets even better. Patented Qurved LINAC® Collision Cell The newly designed Qurved LINAC high-pressure collision cell accelerates ions through the...

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One Touch Productivity Powerful, workflow-driven software ties everything together to deliver a new benchmark in efficiency, throughput, and productivity to let you take full advantage of all the power that the AB SCIEX Triple Quad™ 5500 System puts at your fingertips. And the latest version of industrystandard Analyst® Software utilizes the intelligent Scheduled MRM™ algorithm to make the method setup of over 1000 analytes in a single LC analysis straightforward and simple while still generating exceptional quantitative results. ONE TOUCH PRODUCTIVITY SOLUTIONS DiscoveryQuant™ Software...

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MultiQuant™ Software Analyst® Software MultiQuant™ Software is a powerful and easy-to-use quantitation As the world’s most commonly used LC/MS/MS instrument control package that processes MRM data for quantitative information. software platform, Analyst® software provides state of the art The software easily handles large data sets consisting of both functionality for instrument control, data analysis and reporting. large numbers of MRM transitions and patient samples, with an The latest version builds on this legacy by providing new features emphasis on the requirements for processing...

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You invest in our technology. We invest in your success. As the world leader in mass spectrometry, AB SCIEX solutions are backed by the industry’s most extensive service and support organization. With more than 1000 service professionals, experienced compliance specialists, and over 150 PhD application scientists worldwide, we are dedicated to supporting your technical needs and helping you get the most out of your AB SCIEX systems. AB SCIEX service professionals are recognized as the most highly qualified in the industry. They are certified on our instrument platforms through a rigorous...

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