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Brochure: API 2000 LC/MS/MS System: Triple quadrupole power and performance, at a single quadrupole price. - 8 Pages

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Brochure: API 2000 LC/MS/MS System: Triple quadrupole power and performance, at a single quadrupole price.

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Triple quadrupole power and performance, at a single quadrupole price API 2000 ™ LC/MS/MS SYSTEM

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Advanced MS/MS capabilities in a surprisingly small footprint. The API 2000™ LC/MS/MS System from AB SCIEX brings the power and accuracy of tandem mass spectrometry to a wide range of applications. Designed for maximum reliability and ease of use in demanding high-throughput environments, this versatile, compact instrument offers tremendous LC/MS/MS capability in the space of a single quadrupole.

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The technology of choice for a wide range of applications Triple quadrupole MS/MS is one of the most sensitive and specific approaches for small-molecule quantitation. The fragmentation capabilities of tandem mass spectrometry also provide critical information for structural elucidation of unknown compounds. Typical applications of the API 2000™ LC/MS/MS System: Forensic analysis High-throughput pharmacokinetic screening Metabolite identification Protein & peptide characterization Impurity profiling Food & beverage • analysis of forensic samples Precursor ion and neutral loss scanning...

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Technology that keeps your lab running at maximum productivity A selection of easily interchangeable ion sources and flexible, intuitive software make it easy to integrate the API 2000™ System into your applications and lab workflow. Convenient “plug-and-play” ion sources Rapid source change-over minimizes downtime and simplifies routine Robust ion sources on the API 2000 System allow continuous analysis maintenance. All temperature, gas, and electrical connections are of “dirty” samples that contain high concentrations of salt – with no fully integrated into the source housing – no extra...

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Area Response High sensitivity and reliability High-pressure collisional focusing in Q0 maximizes ion transfer from source to analyzer and ensures that even the most fragile compounds reach the analyzer intact. The system’s broad dynamic range minimizes the need for sample concentration or dilution. Injection Number Injection: 25 μL injections of terfenadine in Hank’s salt buffer solution HPLC: C8 HPLC (2.1 x 50 mm) with gradient elution of 500 μL/min mobile phase directly (no split) into TurboIonSpray® Source on the API 2000™ System No. of injections: 180 in 36 hours Quantitation Method:...

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LINAC® Collision Cell Optimized for high throughput The patented LINAC Collision Cell ensures exceptional sensitivity Automated methods development and data processing make the and performance in all modes of MS/MS operation – including API 2000™ System ideal for unattended, high-throughput, multiple reaction monitoring (MRM), neutral loss, and precursor ion quantitative analyses. scan modes. By allowing you to reduce MRM dwell times without compromising sensitivity, the LINAC Collision Cell significantly increases the number of compounds you can measure per analysis. Percentage Intensity...

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You invest in our technology. We invest in your success. As the world leader in mass spectrometry, AB SCIEX solutions are backed by the industry’s most extensive service and support organization. With a network of service professionals, experienced compliance specialists, and over 150 PhD application scientists worldwide, we are dedicated to supporting your technical needs and helping you get the most out of your AB SCIEX systems. AB SCIEX service professionals are recognized as the most highly qualified in the industry. They are certified on our instrument platforms through a rigorous...

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