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Brochure: QTRAP® 6500 LC/MS/MS System: Exceedingly sensitive. Sharply focused. - 9 Pages

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Brochure: QTRAP® 6500 LC/MS/MS System: Exceedingly sensitive.  Sharply focused.

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Introducing the AB SCIEX 6500 Series with IonDrive™ technology. AB SCIEX 6500 Series with IonDrive™ Technology Intelligent by design The AB SCIEX 6500 Series with IonDrive technology merges highly With revolutionary new multi-component IonDrive technology, the 6500 Series is now the world’s most sensitive triple quadrupole. The 6500 Series offers up to 10X greater sensitivity and a 20X increase in detector dynamic range – with no compromise in mass range. Visonary sensitivity IonDrive technology is built into this system, from the ionization evolved sensitivity with renowned performance....

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IonDrive™ Technology – pushing the limits of sensitivity AB SCIEX has has been designing MS instruments for the past IonDrive technology simultaneously targets 3 critical areas of 25 years. Each platform introduced is the culmination of years of enhancements in the 6500 Series, ruggedly driving best-in-class research and development in improving sensitivity, accelerating performance improvements and unrivalled sensitivity in three key throughput and enhancing data quality. Now, AB SCIEX has IONDRIVE ™ TECHNOLOGY – DRIVING PERFORMANCE The production of more ions with the newly designed...

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Optional QTRAP® Technology Bringing LINAC® technology to the Q3 linear ion trap greatly improves the extraction efficiency to yield greater resolution and sensitivity in ion trap Nothing has changed – except everything scan modes. Take full advantage of the 20,000 Da/s scan speeds with full scan linear ion trap sensitivity 100X more sensitive than triple quad full scan experiments for greater confidence in qualitative workflows. Improved excitation efficiencies and reduced ion cooling and fragmentation times produce superior MS3 qualitative results and provide unprecedented selectivity for...

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The AB SCIEX Triple Quad™ 6500 System 6500 system does just that with significant enhancements in everything from ion production, to ion focusing and transmission, and through to detection. The results speak for themselves. IonDrive™ Turbo V source • Optimize UHPLC strategies with scan speeds of up to 12,000 • Compatible with SelexION differential ion mobility technology ™ high-end triple quads Da/sec, and acquire more data points for a given UHPLC peak • Increase throughput with polarity switching speeds of 20 msec • Improve MRM sensitivity by up to 10X vs. competitive • 2000m/z upper mass...

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The AB SCIEX QTRAP® 6500 Series Ultra-sensitive performance – sharply focused TripleTrap™ scanning with QTRAP technology • Achieve a 100X increase in full-scan sensitivity over triple When combined with the QTRAP Technology, the 6500 Series not only allows researchers to push the limits in MRM sensitivity, quads and achieve greater confidence for forensic toxicology applications but also delivers a 100X increase in full-scan sensitivity over MRM3 with QTRAP technology – quantitation without basic triple quads. The combined Triple Quad and Linear Ion Trap scan functions provide unrivaled...

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A world of options – a new dimension in selectivity Front-end solutions for your most challenging assays Differential ion mobility separation Regardless of the challenges encountered in the development of your assays, you can have confidence that the 6500 Series has the tools you need when you need them. AB SCIEX SelexION™ Technology takes the world’s most sensitive triple quadrupole mass spectrometer and adds a new dimension of selectivity for enhanced quantitative and qualitative performance. Nanoflow made easy: The NanoSpray® Improve data quality and enhance selectivity for challenging...

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Analyst® Software The validated environment designed for quantitation Proven and accepted throughout the world The pedigree that defines regulated bioanalysis What makes Analyst different? The Analyst software is designed to be used as part of a 21 CFR • Analyst service is built into the Analyst Software platform, Part 11 compliant system and has has over 12 years of experience, Take full advantage of all the speed and power of the 6500 Series. Powerful, workflow-driven software ties everything together to deliver a new benchmark in efficiency, throughput, and productivity....

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Your success is our success. We take it personally. As an AB SCIEX customer you have access to a world-class customer support organization. Wherever you are, we’re there with you as a trusted partner to answer questions, provide solutions, and maximize lab productivity. The expertise of our service engineers covers the entire LC/MS system. Whether you need help with an ion source, an autosampler, or running an application, they can put your mind at ease. They understand that you can’t afford downtime and need problems fixing fast. In fact, they do what it takes to make sure everything is...

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