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CESI 8000 High Performance Separation - ESI Module - 8 Pages

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CESI 8000 High Performance Separation - ESI Module

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Advantages of CESI-MS Ultra-low flow separation-ESI Introducing the CESI 8000 High Performance Separation - ESI Module Mass spectrometry (MS) has become an indispensible technology for the analysis of compounds of biological interest. Our improvements in assay sensitivity and reduction in ion suppression reveal new information that is critical to your research, whether you’re characterizing a therapeutic protein, identifying the proteins that make up a specific proteome, analyzing post-transitional modifications, or studying a metabolomic fingerprint. • Increase sensitivity • Maximize...

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Easy-to-use OptiMS cartridge • Plug-and-spray design - Interfacing with MS is fast and easy Higher throughput • Open-tube capillary design doesn’t require lengthy column equilibration - Decreased injection-to-injection time CESI mobile design • Equipped with a height adjustable mobile bench - Switching between LC/MS and CESI-MS has been made swift and simple “CESI-MS is the ideal coupling between CE and MS. The technology follows the theories developed by Professor Mann and Professor Karas on the increase of sensitivity and the decrease of ion suppression with the use of ultra low flow.”...

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CESI The integration of capillary electrophoresis (CE) with electrospray ionization (ESI) into a single dynamic process within the same device. High performance separation and ESI module upstream from MS Improved ionization efficiencies result in reduced ion suppression and increased overall sensitivity. Designed for mass spectrometry applications that analyze charged and polar molecules, the CESI 8000 is the next evolution in technology. With CESI-MS the advantages of CE are delivered without dilution or disturbance to the mass spectrometer. Stable ultra-low flow ESI serves to reduce ion...

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OptiMS Sprayer Housing Separation Capillary MS Source Specific Adapter Conductive Liquid Capillary MASS SPECTROMETER OptiMS Cartridge Swift and simple “plug-and-spray” design increases operational efficiency • Automated sample handling from microvials • Simple interfacing with automatic triggering of MS data collection • Easy switching between liquid chromatography (LC) and CESI-MS Current surveyed by sensor to protect mass spectrometer. HV Output Cable High Voltage Power Supply CESI 8000 Current Monitor HV Input Cable CESI Sprayer Located within a protective housing, the CESI 8000’s...

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The software simply needs the routine user to select one of the CESI 8000’s pre-loaded methods, set the number of samples, load the reagents and start running. The software is graphic and easy to work with. All vial positions may be annotated, allowing you to easily track the contents of any given vial. Programmed control or direct control can be implemented to allow the user the maximum flexibility to optimize the separation.

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Ordering information Module specifications Dimensions: Height: 29.2 in (74.2 cm) Sample Temperature Adjustment Range: 4 - 60°C Height Adjustable Portable Lab Bench with Memory Settings: - ESI Module Includes CE separation module, OptiMS Sprayer Door Open: 38.8 in (98.6 cm) Width: 25 in (63.5 cm) A98089: CESI 8000 High Performance Separation Capillary Temperature Adjustment Range: 15 - 30°C Pressure Delivery Range: cartridges, system controller pre-loaded with CESI 8000 software, portable height-adjustable lab bench designed for rapid change between LC and CESI front end. 36 in x 30 in (91.4...

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. © 2014 AB SCIEX. SCIEX is part of AB SCIEX. The trademarks mentioned herein are the property of AB Sciex Pte. Ltd. or their respective owners. AB SCIEX™ is being used under license. Beckman Coulter® is being used under license. Beckman Coulter® CESI 8000 system sold through SCIEX Separations, a part of AB SCIEX. AB SCIEX Headquarters Phone 508-383-7700 Learn more at Request information using your smartphone. See the inside back cover of this brochure for specific ordering information. For SCIEX...

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