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Focused ekspertise The Eksigent ekspert™ nanoLC 400 system The ekspert choice for proteomics and the protein research pipeline In 2003, Eksigent changed the way scientists looked at nanoscale chromatography with the introduction of the NanoLC 1D featuring splitless Microfluidic g m Eksigent ekspert ™ nanoLC 400 System Flow Control™ (MFC) technology. In 2009, Eksigent introduced the unique cHiPLC® A AB SCIEX TripleTOF ® Systems ms system for ease-of-use and consistent superior performance in proteomic separations. AB SCIEX QTRAP ® Systems With the ekspert™ nanoLC 400 system, Eksigent...

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Engineered for flexibility With exchangeable flow modules that extend the flow rate from nano to microflow in minutes and a 5x faster autosampler than our previous nanoflow system, the ekspert™ nanoLC system provides both flexibility and high throughput for the proteomics environment. Move from discovery experiments, done at nano flow conditions for the ultimate sensitivity, to targeted experiments at higher flow rates for more throughput and robustness on any mass spectrometer*. Plug and play flow modules enable flow rate ranges of: DISCOVER / VERIFY Eksigent ekspert ™ nanoLC 400 AB SCIEX...

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Engineered for superior reproducibility The Next Generation of Innovative Microfluidic Flow Control - MFCP/us™ Technology Enables a wide flow range (100nL/min flow modules. Improved flow rate precision for retention • No pulsation - pneumatic amplifier controlled by MFCP/ivs controller Ultra high performance liquid • Splitless nanoflow system Reproducible retention times for 56 peptides monitored in an lysate across 25 replicate injections, using a 75um ID cHiPLC column at 300 nL/min. Average RSD Injection number Control processor flow module Electronically controlled pressure...

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Easy, extendible, every time with the cHiPLC® system The simplicity of a chip with the performance of a nano-column The engineered flexibility of the cHiPLC® system saves time and money. Plug & play simplicity means that you can switch between multiple productivity workflow modes in minutes and achieve expert results every time – day-to-day, column-to-column and lab-to-lab. From routine direct injection, to dual-column multiplexing and exhaustive interrogation, the cHiPLC® system brings reproducibility to proteomics labs with multiple mass spectrometers and to global multi-lab projects....

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Engineered for precision and speed Next generation autosampler Instrumental to the ekspert ' nanoLC 400's reproducibility and flexibility is an autosampler that delivers new levels of injection precision, minimal sample consumption and carryover, and the speed to accommodate high-throughput injection cycles at the same time Reproducible peak areas are obtained across a range of injection volumes with good The ekspert nanoLC 400 autosampler uses a dual needle-design and advanced washing linearity using the nanoLC 400 autosampler, using a pL pick-up injection method that capabilities enable...

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Your success is our success. We take it personally. As a customer of Eksigent, part of AB SCIEX, you have access to a world-class customer support organization. Wherever you are, we’re there with you as a trusted partner to answer questions, provide solutions, and maximize lab productivity. Our service engineers have the experience and expertise to help you get the most from your Eksigent ekspert™ UHPLC systems. Whether you’re looking to improve sensitivity, resolution, speed, or throughput, they can direct you to the right solution. They understand that you can’t afford downtime and need...

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