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Essential LC-MS Performance Kits Ensure Your LC-MS/MS Performance Meets Your Standards Set a New Standard for System Suitability Testing Why use a generic performance measure when your workflow is specific? Most LC-MS performance testing methods are developed based on generic laboratory conditions. SCIEX Essential LC-MS Performance Kits mimic your workflow to provide relevant, complete system performance information. Designed for Your Application SCIEX Essential LC-MS Performance Kits are an all-in-one testing solution aligned to your everyday assays. Kits are available for the following quantitative workflows: • Food and Environmental Testing (Pesticides) • Clinical and Toxicology • Peptide Quantitation • Small Molecule Quantitation (Pharma) Performance that Reflects Your Workflow Essential LC-MS performance kits measure the operation of your LC and your MS working together. When used as part of a total Quality System, you can track LC-MS performance to demonstrate method control and to achieve a higher standard of data quality. Test performance under analytical conditions similar to your daily workflow, with pass/fail criteria Everything You Need in One Box Kits contain everything you need to test your system, according to your workflow: • Compound-specific chemistries, so you know your results are representative of real world performance • HPLC column from Phenomenex for your sample type, to ensure your LC is separating properly. • Step-by-step protocol to setup your instrument, easily run the test and assess the results • Kit methods scan in both positive and negative MRM modes to best reflect your workflow Monitor performance of your entire LC-MS system over time, not just the mass spec Complete kits, including chemistries, columns, and protocols Start Improving Your System’s Performance and Your Data Confidence. Learn More About SCIEX Essential LC-MS Performance Kits at:

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Kits Overview Retention Times (min) and Peak Areas (cps) are recorded for each analyte to monitor system stability, data reproducibility and MRM efficiency. SCIEX Essential LC-MS Performance Kits are tested for use on SCIEX Triple Quad® and QTRAP® 4500, 5500 and 6500+ LC-MS and ExionLC™ or Shimadzu HPLC Systems. 1Does not include sample preparation, instrument setup, mobile phase preparation, column conditioning and data analysis. Total experimental duration is about 3 hours. Coefficient of Variation (CV%) of Peak Area and Retention time based upon 5x injections per test/method....

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