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iChemistry Solutions: Integrated Chemistries to Boost Mass Spectrometry Workflows - 7 Pages

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iChemistry Solutions: Integrated Chemistries to Boost Mass Spectrometry Workflows

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Integrated chemistries to boost mass spectrometry workflows iCHEMISTRY ™ SOLUTIONS

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iChemistry™ solutions are the world’s only reagents and consumables that are custom- Extend and improve mass spectrometry quantitation All analytical workflows have their limits. iChemistry solutions are designed to boost the performance of workflows beyond conventional limits and enable new applications through advanced chemistries. designed to boost the performance of your mass spectrometer and improve sensitivity, productivity, and data precision. iChemistry™ solutions designed to improve specific applications: But success needs more than just a reagent. Combined with the AB SCIEX mass...

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iChemistry solutions iChemistry solutions for biomarker and omics applications Optimize before you analyze iChemistry solutions for Biomarkers and Omics applications enable you to: Save time, save money, stay compliant – and be confident that • Avoid risking the integrity of your workflow your mass spectrometer is performing at its best. • Save time and resources iChemistry MS Performance Calibrants and Standards • Troubleshoot your mass spec in minutes ensure your AB SCIEX mass spectrometer is tuned for optimal • Make sure you have the standards you need to qualify your performance and...

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Analyze multiple samples simultaneously A global internal standard for peptide quantitation iTRAQ® reagents: the industry standard cited in over Peptide quantitation mTRAQ® reagents 840 peer-reviewed papers By combining iTRAQ® reagents with AB SCIEX instrumentation iTRAQ® reagents are a multiplexed set of four or eight isobaric (same mass), amine-specific tags that yield labeled peptides that use an internal standard. But synthesizing internal standards for peptide quantitation using MRM and are significantly more can take up to 6 weeks, and not all of them will be appropriate economical...

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iChemistry Solutions for food and environmental applications Direct detection of proteins and their isoforms Cytochrome P450 protein assay Accelerate contaminant analysis Immunoassays can be expensive and often lack specificity for The iChemistry CYP450 Protein Assay enables direct measurement proper protein and protein isoform detection. LC/MS/MS is an of protein expression changes of 4 individual CYP450 isoforms Simplified preparation of contaminant standards ideal alternative, allowing direct detection of CYP450 protein with iDQuant™ standards kits isoforms with high specificity and...

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iChemistry solutions iChemistry solutions for clinical research applications for amino acid analysis Easy compound derivatization for up to 1000x boost in intensity Faster performance. Better accuracy. Pushing the limits in sensitivity Amplifex reagents are mass tags designed to react universally The most diverse of the iChemistry solutions, aTRAQ™ reagent is the with a specific functional group. For example: ideal solution to quantitate amino acids in samples ranging from Mass spec is a great tool for compound detection and quantitation, but sensitivity can sometimes be negatively impacted...

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You invest in our technology. We invest in your success. As the world leader in mass spectrometry, AB SCIEX creates solutions that are backed by the industry’s most extensive service and support organization. As part of AB SCIEX, SCIEX iChemistry™ solutions receive that same level of support. With a network of service professionals, experienced compliance specialists, and over 150 PhD application scientists worldwide, we are dedicated to supporting your technical needs and helping you get the most out of your mass spectrometry systems. Our customer support network is available to provide...

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