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MetabolitePilot Software Simple, Clear Data Review

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In the drug discovery environment, comprehensive metabolite identification is critical. This is due largely to increasingly high throughput considerations, as many drug researchers are pressured to push through or fail drug candidates as early as possible. As mass data collection becomes less of a bottleneck to productivity, the focus is now on mass data analysis. Mass data analysis is where MetabolitePilot™ software excels. Identify metabolites from accurate mass data fast and efficiently, with a workspace that supports confident decision-making. – rocess and interrogate accurate mass...

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Intuitive workflow support MetabolitePilot™ Software supports accurate metabolite identification with the AB SCIEX TripleTOF™ 5600 LC/MS/MS system. • Store parent drug information in Compound Library Batch process multiple sample sets review the results with confidence scoring the potential candidate list with multiple filtering capabilities • Increase confidence in MS assignments by correlating analog data • Store information on found metabolites, including confidence scores, assignments and MS/MS spectra in the Results Database

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Clear the way to greater productivity MetabolitePilot™ software supports the new TripleTOF™ 5600 LC/MS/MS System, an accurate, high-resolution mass platform for definitive metabolite detection. • SmartSpeed™ Acquisition with up to 100 MS/MS per second High resolution at unparalleled speed EasyMass™ Accuracy without continuous recalibration MetabolitePilot™ software is structured around two simple Once the data have been acquired, information about the drug of workspaces: Processing and Results. interest can be stored in MetabolitePilot’s Compound Library as a first step to the processing...

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What’s the score? The MetabolitePilot™ Software confirmation score is based on a range of factors, including: • Mass accuracy Mass defect Isotope pattern MetabolitePilot™ software finds metabolites through a combination Once the processing is complete, you can review the results in of powerful peak finding algorithms. The most appropriate the Results Workspace, where you’re provided with a confirmation processing parameters are automatically determined for the score, so you can easily determine if a peak is a metabolite. selected compound, making it easy to get started Multiple filtering...

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You invest in our technology; we invest in your success. As the world leader in mass spectrometry, AB SCIEX solutions are backed by the industry’s most extensive service and support organization. With more than 1000 service professionals, experienced compliance specialists, and over 150 PhD application scientists worldwide, we are dedicated to supporting your technical needs and helping you get the most out of your AB SCIEX systems. AB SCIEX service professionals are recognized as the most highly qualified in the industry. They are certified on our instrument platforms through a rigorous...

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