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NanoLC™ 400 - 1

Eksigent Ekspert NanoLC ™ 400 Unmatched flexibility for low flow LC-MS

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NanoLC™ 400 - 2

The NanoLC™ 400 System The ideal choice for any workflow The NanoLC 400 series enables a full range of analytical workflows that drive the identification of novel biomarkers or the quantification of small molecules and biologics to advance precision medicine research. This front-end system consistently delivers accurate retention times, reproducible injection down to 200 nL and covers a broad range of flow rates. • Autosampler Provides flexible and reproducible injection down to 200 nL with no waste • Flow accuracy SCIEX patented microfluidic flow control technology, for consistent,...

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NanoLC™ 400 - 3

Designed for separation versatility With exchangeable flow modules that extend the flow rate from nano to microflow in minutes and a high precision autosampler, the NanoLC system provides both flexibility and high throughput. Move from discovery experiments, done at nano flow conditions for the ultimate sensitivity, to targeted experiments at higher flow rates for more throughput and robustness on any mass spectrometer*. Plug-and-play flow modules enable flow rate ranges of: 100 - 1000 nL/min 1 - 10 µL/min 5 - 50 µL /min For targeted experiments, shorter columns and higher flow rates enable...

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NanoLC™ 400 - 4

Superior reproducibility and reliability delivered Providing high performance microfluidic flow control Enables a wide flow range (100 nL/min to 50 μL/min) via simple exchange of flow modules. Improved flow rate precision for retention time reproducibility <0.35% RSD at 500 nL/min. •  No flow pulsations using a pneumatic amplifier •  Splitless nanoflow and microflow system •  Pressure up to 10,000 PSI Retention time (mins) Ultra high performance liquid chromatography Injection number Reproducible retention times for 56 peptides monitored in an E.coli cell lysate across 25 replicate...

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NanoLC™ 400 - 5

Exceptional ion sources Rugged, reliable, easily interchangeable ion sources are available for a wide range of applications and flow rates to suit your analysis needs. Rapid source change-over extends system flexibility with minimum downtime. All temperature, gas and electrical connections are fully integrated into the source housing—no extra lines to attach and no lost time. The system automatically detects and identifies the source without having to make hardware profile changes. OptiFlow® Turbo V Ion Source—robustness and simplicity for high sensitivity microflow analyses • ased on the...

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NanoLC™ 400 - 6

Don’t keep your workflows under lock and key flexibility for the best performance Gain maximum flexibility by using any microLC or nanoLC column, in any column chemistry, to help ensure the best possible performing assay for all your analyte types. SCIEX affiliate, Phenomenex, offers a large and diverse portfolio of low flow LC columns for a wide range of flow rates. Select the right chemistry for your application Peptide analysis and quant Intact protein quant Small molecule quant •  Luna Omega Polar C18 Drug research panels •  bioZen XB-C18 •  Kinetex XB-C18 •  Jupiter Proteo Metabolomics...

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NanoLC™ 400 - 7

Meeting the needs for every workflow With single-gradient and dual-gradient models available—workflows from simple trap and elute to complex multi-dimensional separation are possible. Compatible with SCIEX Triple Quad™, QTRAP® and TripleTOF® systems, the NanoLC 400 series readily fits the ever-changing needs of your lab.

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NanoLC™ 400 - 8

SCIEX Now™ Support Network The destination for all your support needs Product and data security Increase your confidence with compliance services to help you safeguard your data, confirm data integrity and ensure system modifications can be traced. Onboarding Product and data security We register you to SCIEX Now Online, enroll you in your SCIEX University™ learning path, and send you a welcome email. SCIEX lab enhancement services apply a holistic approach to your lab to increase productivity and reduce system downtime. SCIEX Now™ SCIEX University training SCIEX University Best-in-class...

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