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Next-Generation Proteomics Platform


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Next-Generation Proteomics Platform - 1


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Next-Generation Proteomics Platform - 2

Every peak. Every run. Every time. The Next-generation Proteomics Platform is here: The new AB SCIEX TripleTOF® 6600 System with SWATH™ Acquisition 2.0. Now you can capture every detectable peptide and protein in every run, with MRM-quality quantitation and sample-to-sample reproducibility that accelerate your research. SWATH™ Acquisition 2.0 data independent acquisition with variable windows and enhanced processing enables maximum quantitation from each precious sample. Thousands of proteins can be examined at once with almost no method development. Plus, the results of every run are...

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Next-Generation Proteomics Platform - 3

Next-generation proteomics platform AB SCIEX TripleTOF® 6600 System + SWATH™ Acquisition 2.0 Quantify thousands of proteins across large sample sets with greater accuracy and reproducibility than ever before. As your lab needs shift from small discovery experiments to quantitative work on larger sample sets, your need for comprehensive quantitation will grow. Now there’s a proteomics platform with the features and performance that deliver real biological insights to power your research in the years ahead. Spend more time • Empower your biological research through comprehensive quantitation...

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Next-Generation Proteomics Platform - 4

Enhanced SWATH 2.0 with variable windows... ™ Variable Window Calculation Variable Window Calculation Input Histogram need to Variabledata from find Window Christie Variable windows provide more visibility so you can be confident in your results, with up to 200 windows per cycle generated on the TripleTOF® 6600. SWATH™ captures nearly every detectable peptide, using: • arrow m/z windows where precursor density is high for the most N selectivity – as low as 2 Da • ider windows where density is lower to ensure broader precursor mass W range for wider compound coverage Overall, a broader mass...

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Next-Generation Proteomics Platform - 5

Analyze your results more with confidence SWATH™ 2.0 Data Processing Not only can you collect more data with greater specificity than ever before, the SWATH™ 2.0 data processing application generates results faster and with greater confidence to increase your productivity. • etention time calibration expands ion library options R Good Transitions Rejected Transitions Median CV, Good Transitions • mproved scoring with false discovery analysis ensures higher confidence I in your results % CV • Increased speed and scale accommodate larger studies A typical SWATH™ analysis on a TripleTOF 6600...

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Next-Generation Proteomics Platform - 6

TripleTOF 6600 + SWATH 2.0 Maximizing productivity in ® SWATH™ 2.0 data completeness Capture more critical data faster, so you can uncover new protein relationships. targeted proteomics The TripleTOF® 6600 enables unrivaled coverage of your  proteome in a single analysis with greater dynamic range and enhanced data quality. missing values in proteomics research Conventional Proteomics Strategy: Data Dependent Acquisition (DDA) Broad coverage, with large variability SWATH™ Strategy: Data Independent Acquisition BEST OF ALL STRATEGIES Exceptional multiplexing, with completeness that rivals...

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Next-Generation Proteomics Platform - 7

Taking TripleTOF to new heights The TripleTOF® 6600 extends the power and features of AB SCIEX TripleTOF technology, delivering high performance to drive a wide range of powerful applications – 90% more peptides than previous systems: • Broader linear dynamic range: greater than 5 orders • Wider Q1 mass range: isolation for ions up to 2250 m/z • Enhanced mass accuracy stability: <2 ppm RMS • Higher quality MS/MS with superior mass resolution and speed: – 35,000 TOF MS mode – 20,000 high-sensitivity MS/MS mode – 30,000 high-resolution TOF MS/MS mode • Better quantitation quality – Up to 100...

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Next-Generation Proteomics Platform - 8

Dynamic Accumulation improves results For traditional discovery experiments, we've improved data-dependent acquisition with Dynamic Accumulation to deliver higher quality MS/MS for even the lowest abundant peptides. Smarter MS/MS for Higher Spectral Quality Fast acquisition High Quality MS/MS spectra Longer acquisition The TripleTOF 6600® maximizes productivity with its realtime management of MS/MS acquisition time, based on the intensity of selected precursors, resulting in more identifed proteins. Less time is spent on more intense ions... while more time is devoted to less intense ions

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Next-Generation Proteomics Platform - 9

The power of proven software productivity AB SCIEX provides a comprehensive portfolio of mass spectrometry software that is intuitive and versatile to match your specific application requirements. Products are designed for flexible integration with many open standards, maximizing data utility for a complete application solution. SWATH™ Software The SWATH™ Acquisition micro application enables fast and easy data processing of large SWATH™ data sets. PeakView® Software MultiQuant™ Software ProteinPilot™ Software offers a qualitative review of LC/MS and MS/MS data for enabling users to explore...

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Next-Generation Proteomics Platform - 10

Delivering everything you need to build successful solutions for your application Resource/Application DuoSpray™ for routine accurate mass Unknown screening in food, environmental, or tox research Ion Drive™ Turbo V for maximum signal SelexION™ differential mobility technology for gas-phase fractionation to reduce sample complexity, or to separate challenging mixtures Performance Option SCIEX Separation Technology Drug Metabolism TripleTOF® 6600 with Analyst® Software Mass Spectrometer Metabolomics / Lipodomics nanoLC 400 with cHiPLC® Systems Single- or MultiDimensional nanoflow Liquid...

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Next-Generation Proteomics Platform - 11

The Next-generation Proteomics Platform is here. Our AB SCIEX application specialists are available to help you configure everything you need for your specific applications. Visit

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Next-Generation Proteomics Platform - 12

Your success is our success We take it personally As an AB SCIEX customer you have access to a world-class customer support organization. Wherever you are, we’re there with you as a trusted partner to answer questions, provide solutions and maximize lab productivity. Our customer support organization has access to the latest product updates, software revisions, methods and repair procedures to make sure that you stay on top of your game. When you have questions, we have answers. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. Learn more at, or...

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