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ProteinPilot Software In-depth protein identification and expression analysis ONE TOUCH PRODUCTIVITY

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ProteinPilot™ Software transforms protein identification and relative protein expression analysis for discovery research. With a vastly simplified user interface and the power to search for hundreds of modifications simultaneously, the software sets a new standard for the quality and quantity of results in protein identification and biomarker discovery. Powerful, easy to use tools to help you search, identify, and analyze hundreds of proteins and quickly find the information you need. – ybrid sequence tag and precursor mass approach: H Search for hundreds of modifications and variants...

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ProteinPilot™ Software has changed the protein identification paradigm with the Paragon™ algorithm. The Paragon algorithm uses a hybrid sequence tag and precursor mass approach to identify hundreds of modifications, substitutions, and unexpected cleavages— simultaneously and without an increase in false positives. Simplified search method creation You don't have to specify details like mass tolerances, individual modifications, expected fragment ion types, or exceptions to cleavage rules. Simply enter the sample information you know, and the Paragon algorithm automatically optimizes the...

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Powerful workflow support ProteinPilot™ Software includes an automatic false discovery rate (FDR) analysis that gives you a rigorous defense of the quality of your results, using both conventional FDR analysis as well as novel extensions. If your typical workflow is gel-based analysis, you can submit PMF and PMF-combined searches on TOF/TOF data to Mascot for identification of gel spots. The ultimate in flexibility and control Search data from any instrument. ProteinPilot™ FDR analysis supports instruments from several manufacturers. An open parameter control function allows you to add...

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You invest in our technology. We invest in your success. As the world leader in mass spectrometry, AB SCIEX solutions are backed by the industry’s most extensive service and support organization. With a network of service professionals, experienced compliance specialists, and over 150 PhD application scientists worldwide, we are dedicated to supporting your technical needs and helping you get the most out of your AB SCIEX systems. AB SCIEX service professionals are recognized as the most highly qualified in the industry. They are certified on our instrument platforms through a rigorous...

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