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Discover a New Dimension of Selectivity Advanced performance SCIEX SelexION® ion mobility technology is an effective ion mobility separation tool for improving data quality in the quantitation and characterization of challenging samples requiring advanced analytical selectivity. Enhanced selectivity SelexION technology delivers a new dimension of selectivity and performance for any application requiring the separation of isobaric species, isolation of challenging co-eluting analytes and reduction of high background noise. Transformational analytical power SelexION technology brings...

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Reproducible, Robust and Easy to Use SelexION® technology supports highly selective quantitative and qualitative LC-MS/MS workflows on SCIEX Triple Quad™, QTRAP® and TripleTOF® systems. Bring a new dimension of selectivity, simplicity and cost-effective efficiency to your LC-MS/MS analysis. • Add differential ion mobility separation (DMS) with a small, easily interchangeable cell in less than 2 minutes • Increase peak separation power further through the use of chemical modifiers. • Meet analytical standards for quantitative reproducibility and robustness • Quantitative and qualitative...

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The Tool to Take on Your Most Challenging Assays No other ion mobility separation tool has the reproducibility, robustness and ease of use to deliver highly selective and sensitive quantitative and qualitative analyses, within an UHPLC time scale – all on the most sensitive SCIEX Triple Quad™, QTRAP® and TripleTOF® platforms. Perform a gas phase differential ion mobility separation within the planar mobility cell based SelexION® Differential Ion Mobility Cell on the ion’s size and shape, prior to entering the Compact and simple design allows the cell to be installed mass analyzer where the...

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Currently available for use on the new SCIEX 6500+ Series mass spectrometers, the SelexION ion mobility cell is enhanced by a jet injector that reduces the ion residence time within fringing fields at the DMS inlet. This increases the size of the acceptance region, providing a 2-fold increase in transmission over the standard SelexION. 4000 replicate injections of Methamphetamine, Clenbuterol, Alprazolam, and Buprenorphine spiked in protein precipitated human plasma demonstrates the unique reproducibility, robustness and stability of SelexION in combination with the SCIEX QTRAP® 6500+...

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Dig Deeper. Bring clarity to your data, by removing isobaric interferences and co-eluting analytes. SelexION® technology brings clarity to your data, allowing you to dig deeper. Take advantage of the resolving power of ion mobility separations to remove spectral interferences, make use of gas-phase fractionation to reduce the complexity of your data, or de-convolute difficult to separate chromatographic interferences. Dig deeper with fractionation Isobaric metabolites (A) In some cases, compound identification Use discrete compensation voltage steps to sub- A) Co-elution of verapamil...

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Simplify. Clarify. Quantify. Simplify and clarify your data with powerful ion mobility separations, to achieve unprecedented quantitative sensitivity. Isobaric interferences and co-eluting contaminants are no match for the resolving power of SelexION® technology! Harness the power of ion mobility separations to shorten your run-times and simplify your sample preparations, while achieving unprecedented levels of sensitivity. Isobaric lipid molecular species separation Reduced background noise Enhanced workflow selectivity Lipid classes can be separated with differential A) Somatostatin, a...

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Your Success is Our Success We take it personally As a SCIEX customer you have access to a world-class customer support organization. Wherever you are, we’re there with you as a trusted partner to answer questions, provide solutions, and maximize lab productivity. Our customer support organization has access to the latest product updates, software revisions, methods and repair procedures to make sure that you stay on top of your game. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. When you have questions, we have answers. AB Sciex is doing business as SCIEX. Learn more at...

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