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Peptide and Protein Quantitation Differential Mobility Spectrometry Applications Small Molecule Bioanalysis and Metabolism Forensics Food and Environmental Testing See How SelexION® DMS Technology Helps Overcome Your Biggest Analytical Challenges

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SelexION - 2

A New Dimension in Selectivity As analytical challenges become more complex, MS sensitivity alone may not be enough to meet the demands of modern day quantitative performance. Differential Mobility Spectrometry (DMS) technology can improve characterization and limits of quantitation for challenging samples requiring advanced selectivity. The SelexION® DMS device is the first differential ion mobility separation technology to combine sensitivity and selectivity with unmatched reproducibility and robustness. SelexION Technology delivers enhanced analytical separations on demand for isobaric...

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SelexION - 3

Lipidomics Unambiguous identification and quantitation of lipid molecular species in total lipid extracts is difficult, due to overlapping isobaric and isomeric species. SelexION DMS Technology can resolve multiple lipid classes from complex lipid matrices prior to MS analysis to enable more confident identification of lipid species and more accurate quantitation by MS/MS. Explore how in the following technical articles: Differential Mobility Spectrometry for Improving Lipidomic Analysis by Mass Spectrometry Quantitative Lipid Analysis using MRM and Differential Ion Mobility Spectrometry...

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SelexION - 4

Peptide and Protein Quantitation Peptides and proteins in complex matrices can suffer from interferences, poor fragmentation, lack of quality unique peptides or transitions compared to background; all which can affect the quality of analysis. SelexION DMS Technology can be used to help remove sample interferences and separate isobaric peptide species, resulting in more sensitive and selective detection and quantitation of large molecule targets. Explore how in the following technical articles: Benefits of DMS for High-Sensitivity Quantitation of Peptides Rapid Quantitation of Substance-P in...

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SelexION - 5

Small Molecule Bioanalysis and Metabolism Accurate and robust quantitation of small molecule therapeutics and metabolites can be complicated by matrix interferences, high baseline signal, and lack of isomer resolution. The development of complex HPLC conditions or modifying sample preparation procedures is time consuming and reduces sample throughput. SelexION DMS Technology can provide an orthogonal level of separation to reduce background noise, eliminate interferences, and separate highly similar compounds to enable robust and reproducible bioanalytical methods, without having to resort...

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SelexION - 6

Food and Environmental Testing Food and environmental analyses are subject to comprehensive regulations all over the world. Compounds that are required to be analyzed by governing bodies may be troublesome, due to the complex matrices associated with food and environmental analysis. Furthermore, these compounds may also be isomeric; therefore, problematic to separate using conventional approaches. SelexION DMS Technology can deliver an orthogonal level of separation to reduce background noise, eliminate interferences, and separate highly similar compounds to enable robust and reproducible...

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SelexION - 7

Forensics Getting the right answer is crucial to your forensic investigation. However, detection of your analyte of interest may be difficult, because of the matrix presented, or from the presence of chemical interferences. Furthermore your compound may be isobaric and consequentially challenging to separate with conventional separation technology. SelexION DMS Technology, coupled with QTRAP or TripleTOF LC-MS systems, can separate analytes of identical mass, reduce chemical noise, and improve quantitative accuracy, to rapidly deliver the data you need. Explore how in the following...

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SelexION - 8

Simplify. Clarify. Quantify SelexION DMS Technology delivers an orthogonal level of separation for your most challenging samples. Instead of returning to method development, SelexION DMS technology allows you to reduce noise in your sample so you can measure the molecules that count. Learn about the Top 5 Reasons to add SelexION DMS to your workflow: AB Sciex is doing business as SCIEX. © 2016 AB Sciex. For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. The trademarks mentioned herein are the property of the AB Sciex Pte. Ltd. or their respective owners. AB SCIEX™ is being used...

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