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Made for Routine Food, Environment, and Forensic Testing.

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We knew what you were looking for in a mass spec system, and we delivered on all fronts, starting with the hardware. What we heard from you made it possible for us to engineer a superior system with technology design that meets your needs and then some. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Ease of operation, regardless of technician's skill set Instrument automation leaves only two voltage variables that require adjustment. This degree of simplicity vastly optimizes performance Requires very little precious lab space The X500R QTOF, which measures 110x57x112cm, occupies less lab space than any other HRMS on the market today. Superior instrument uptime Quick and easy QJet access enables fast and efficient maintenance, so your instrument is up and running virtually all the time.

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Robust ionization in complex samples Stability through long runs Renowned ionization performance from SCIEX’s Turbo V™ source is now delivered with a high-resolution accurate mass analyzer. Six heater drones throughout the TOF path ensure that the system maintains mass accuracy even through longer runs. Never compromise on performance The N-optic design with 4mm orifice leading into the TOF accelerator tube delivers resolution without compromising sensitivity. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures

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Give your X500R an Extra Boost QTOF system with LC solutions tailored to meet your needs Expandability, Robustness and Ultra-low Carryover ExionLC AD The ExionLC AD offers the scalability and overall performance necessary for the most challenging method development and sample analysis applications. Reliable and Expandable Platform with Ultra-Low Downtime ExionLC™ AC The ExionLC™ AC delivers high accuracy, reliability, and repeatability across thousands of injections, with maximum uptime for high-throughput testing labs

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The Power Behind the X500R Acquire, process, report all in one place with SCIEX OS SCIEX OS is the brains behind the X500R brawn. • Thoughtfully designed user interface for fast learning • Acquire, analyze, and report, all in one place • Simultaneous screening, library searching, and quantitation • Triple quad-like quantitation processing workflows • Diagnostic and tuning tools to increase uptime Perfect Balance to Elevate Your Lab’s Performance The X500R QTOF system is the first high-resolution mass spec system designed exclusively for: Food testing | Environmental analysis | Forensic drug...

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Your Success is Our Success We take it personally As a SCIEX customer you have access to a world-class customer support organization. Wherever you are, we’re there with you as a trusted partner to answer questions, provide solutions, and maximize lab productivity. Our customer support organization has access to the latest product updates, software revisions, methods and repair procedures to make sure that you stay on top of your game. When you have questions, we have answers. Learn more at, or locate your local account representative at

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