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Fully Automated Vial Labeling Semi-Automated Vial Labeling Tube/Vial Sorting MICROPLATE LABELING Fully-Automated Microplate Labeling Semi-Automated Microplate Labeling

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Fully Automated Vial Handling We believe that automation provides solutions and those solutions make your life a little easier. From 2001 when Scinomix was founded, to date, our passion and vision has helped a variety of applications throughout many different industries around the world. By creating reliable machines that alleviate mundane tasks in the lab, our goal is to give you the power to do more. We believe in your mission, which in turn drives ours. Let us help you achieve your goals today! The Sci-Print VX Series, comprised of the Sci-Print VX2 and the Sci-Print VXL, is Scinomix’...

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Our windows based software has several built in features including a label designer and the ability to store and recall multiple system configurations. Parameters can be stored for various labeling runs making the systems an easy to use turnkey system. Optional Features: Barcode Scanning An optional barcode scanner can be mounted to read 2D barcodes on Micronic and Matrix style vials for data lookup or it can be mounted for barcode validation after the label is applied. TUBE BASE READER LABEL VERIFICATION • User friendly graphical windows based control software • Easy recall of multiple...

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SCI-PRINT VX SERIES Bulk Tube Feeding The Scinomix VXQ, Bulk Tube Feeder, is an accessory that eliminates hand loading of tubes into racks to provide even more walk away time. The system easily attaches to the Sci-Print VX Series and can be seamlessly retrofitted in the field to existing machines. 1071 BULK TUBE FEEDER: SCINOMIX VXQ For customers working with tubes that are not pre-racked, Scinomix offers a variety of custom tube racks. We have a library of over 50 unique custom racks and adaptors. We frequently create custom rack designs to meet individual customer needs. Here are some...

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TUBE/VIAL SORTER Scinomix RETROS Semi Automated Vial Labeler For smaller quantities of tubes, Scinomix offers a semi-automated vial labeler- the Sci-Print SOLO. The system is used for manual labeling of tubes ranging from 0.5 mL to 50 mL. The Sci-Print SOLO is commonly integrated into larger automated systems such as the Tecan EVO. The Scinomix Retros is a benchtop device capable of sorting tubes, preparing sample racks (cherry-picking), and validating samples. As a data-driven device, this machine fully automates otherwise tedious and error-prone tasks. 1087 SCINOMIX RETROS FEATURES •...

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Semi Automated Microplate Labeler Fully Automated Microplate Labeler The Sci-Print MP2+ is compatible with a variety of microplates* and deep well blocks. In addition to the standard features offered on the Sci-Print MP2, the MP2+ is a high-throughput machine that includes two vertical stackers for loading and unloading microplates. Plates are loaded into an input stacker, processed at the printing platform, and moved to the output stacker. Stackers can hold up to 48 non-lidded plates. Additional stackers can be added to increase capacity. The Sci-Print MP2 is a benchtop semi automated...

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SCI-PRINT MP SERIES Software AUTOMATED BB DISPENSER BB Dropper The windows based user friendly MP Series software has several built in features, similar to the Sci-Print VX Series software. Parameters can be stored and easily recalled. • Versatile software allows the system to be used as a stand-alone device, or integrated into automated plate handling systems • Automated launching of user definable scripts or programs to interface with external data systems • Full diagnostic and test utilities for easy troubleshooting • Batch or continuous operation modes V____ Optional Features: Barcode...

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CONSUMABLESPin Tool Replicators TUBE LABEL KITS Scinomix offers a variety of label kits to accommodate for your specific tube application. The label and ribbon combinations have been tested extensively with the Scinomix line of automated labelers. They have proven to be the best fit for ensuring optimal labeling performance. Scinomix offers six different label kit sizes to accommodate a variety of tube sizes. RIBBON INFORMATION • Material: Resin • Part #2000-166: 0.98"x702' (25mmx214m) • Part #2000-145: 1.57"x984.25' (39.88mmx300m) 1 roll of labels, 1 ribbon and 1 uptake core Our disposable...

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Our Distributors Our commitment to quality, reliability, value, and customer service is expanding its reach! We now have trusted distributors in many countries. For more information, visit our website at If you do not see a distributor in your area, please contact us at for more information. We value our customers and want to provide them with the best possible solutions. Over the years we have developed invaluable relationships and strive to maintain those relationships by committing to quality, reliability, value and excellent customer...

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