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BOD-200 - 1

Automate your processes Automate your lab Innovate with EasyPREP Full Process Automation Provides Unattended: BOD / cBOD / DO Analysis Seed / Inhibitor / Water Addition Sample Dilution / Homogenization Sample Compatible with Bar Coding Capability 300 or 165 ml BOD Bottles Allows 5 or 7 day Incubation Period Data Recording and Result Calculator * Image displays optional Dual Probe System Environmental testing made Easy Prep

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BOD-200 - 2

Environmental awareness and monitoring are crucial in ensuring a healthy and balanced ecosystem. Environmental Law plays a vital role in regulating the use of natural resources and in protecting the environment. Numerous regulations have been put forth at national and international levels in order to reinforce practices that would maintain a healthy environment. The EasyPREP portfolio provides environmental testing laboratories with the technologies required to comply with environmental water legislation through automated, unattended, environmental testing, analytical platforms. The BOD-200...

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BOD-200 - 3

Software Features • Measure dissolved oxygen concentration • BOD and cBOD calculations compliant with international ISO, EPA, JIS and EN regulations • Complete traceability using bar coding capability for racks, bottles and samples • Measure sample BOD and cBOD in the same run for best quality control of BOD results • Reload pre-saved method lists for fast set-up of routine operations • Set 5-day or 7-day incubation period • Rack-specific time tracking of incubation periods • Automatic data export in a LIMS and spreadsheet-compatible format • Automatic flagging of “out-of-range” results...

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BOD-200 - 4

BOD-200 OrderingORDER iNSTRUMENT Description PC Processor: RAM memory: Disk minimum space: Ports: Operatting System: 1GHz or superior 1 GB RAM 1 GB free 1 USB port available Windows 7 / 8 EasyPREP BOD-200 with Membrane Probe To learn more, please contact one of our Sales Representatives online, or at one of our regional offices below. CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS USA FRANCE GERMANY

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