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Digi PREP Sample Preparation Made Easy SCP SCIENCE Providing Innovative Solutions to Analytical Chemists sales@scpscience.com www.scpscience.com

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Quality Assurance ISO 9001 Certified SCP SCIENCE is certified by Intertek, an internationally recognized Registrar, to the latest 2008 revision of ISO 9001. ISO 9001 is a general internationally adopted standard which outlines the requirements for the implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS). Implemented in roughly 1 million organizations worldwide, ISO 9001 continues to be a highly regarded quality benchmark. The standard is not sector specific and can be implemented by organizations of any size which provide products and/or services. Being ISO 9001 certified means that SCP...

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KEYPAD CONTROLLER CATALOG NUMBER: 010-500-220 For DgPREP LS*, DigPREP Ms*, DigPREP Jr*. Inputting operating parameters is made easy with the KeyPad controller. Features include: color touch screen controller with usb port catalog number: 010-500-275 For DigPREP LS*, DigiPREP MS*, Dig/PREP Jr.* The Touch Screen controller includes all of the KeyPad controller features plus a lot more... Users may program and save 12 different multi-step methods with the controller. In each method, users may input three “Time-to-Temperature” and three “Time-at-Temperature” parameters. Other features...

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DigiPREP BLOCKS TUBE The DigPREP series of block digestion systems offers the latest in graphite block technology in many different packages. Graphite blocks are PFA / FEP - coated to resist aggressive, corrosive attack for guaranteed long life in harsh laboratory environments. Their non-metallic construction ensures no corrosion or sample contamination from the instrument. There is a DigPREP system for every workload!

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Accessories DigiPROBE Catalog number: 010-515-115 (for 15 ml DigiTUBEs), 010-505-115 (for 50 ml DigiTUBEs), 010-501-115 (for 100 ml DigiTUBEs), Why read from a thermometer then manually adjust the block temperature when the DigiPROBE automatically does the job for you? The DigiPROBE provides direct control and monitoring of actual sample temperature via a corrosion-resistant, PFA-coated temperature probe. Available for use with either 15 ml, 50 ml or 100 ml DigiTUBEs. DigiSET Catalog number: 010-500-014 (for 50 ml and 100 ml DigiTUBEs) The DigiSET automatic shut-off system works with the...

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Consumables0/0/FILTERs - FILTER PARTICULATES PRIOR TO SAMPLE ANALYSIS Screw the D/^/FILTER (using the end with the plug) onto a 50 ml D/g/TuBE containing a cooled sample. Screw a clean D/g/TuBE onto the opposite end of the D/gifILTER. Flip the tube-filter assembly over so Open the valve that the tube containing the sample and remove the plug from is now on top. Attach the assembly to the opposite port. the manifold, inserting the valve into the filter port. Turn on the vacuum pump and watch your sample filter. 0/0/TUBEs - THE CLEANEST DIGESTION TUBES ON THE MARKET Single-use, all-in-one...

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CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS 21800 Clark Graham Baie D'Urfé, Quebec H9X 4B6 CANADA Phone: 1(800) 361-6820 (Toll Free in North America) or +1 (514) 457-0701 Fax: 1(800) 253-5549 (Toll Free in North America) or +1 (514) 457-4499 Also Available www.scpscience.com sales@scpscience.com DigiPREP HT For total Kjeldahl Nitrogen (TKN), ROHs ... and more SCP SCIENCE - PROVIDING INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS TO ANALYTICAL CHEMISTS A new category of automated microwave digestion The headquarters of SCP SCIENCE are located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The company maintains additional facilities in Canada, USA, France,...

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