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Catalog 2020 - 2

The future in focus since 1840 The simple, yet vital, daily routine of patient measuring and weighing is performed in every clinical setting, with weight and height measurements remaining as essential cornerstones of clinical care. Our corporate vision is to provide even more necessary vital parameters from a single source – with solutions as trustworthy as our tradition in medical measuring systems and scales. This catalog reinforces our vision in providing a comprehensive product portfolio. In addition to our established scale selection, you will find bioimpedance solutions that have been...

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Catalog 2020 - 3

WEIGHT BODY VITAL SIGNS INTEGRATION HEIGHT COMPOSITION SERVICE 6 66 76 82 The perfect solutions for medical See more than just weight and measuring and weighing - from height - the validated BIA solution premature infants to immobile for medical use. Simply and routinely monitor vital Ready for the hospital of the future - signs with the seca EMR-validated all measured data is instantly available spot-check monitor. in the electronic medical record. 8 Baby scales 16 Pediatric measuring systems 22 Measuring stations 28 Column scales 34 Flat scales 40 Height measuring systems 48 Handrail...

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Catalog 2020 - 4

WEIGHT HEIGHT CIRCUMFERENCE The perfect solutions for medical measuring and weighing - from premature infants to immobile patients. Measuring and weighing are among the thousands of routine procedures in a hospital, doctor’s office and every medical facility. In all our measuring and weighing solutions, we aim to make this routine procedure as simple and efficient as possible. We provide solutions for patients of all ages, states of health and mobility levels. Absolute precision, reliability and longevity form the foundation for every seca product. What’s more, our measuring systems and...

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Catalog 2020 - 5

Baby scales Baby scales Babies who feel safe and secure are easier to weigh. Baby scales by seca make weighing fast and comfortable, thanks to the skin-friendly materials that immediately take on and radiate body warmth. With designs that make the baby feel safe and advanced functions that shorten the weighing process, such as seca integration solutions. They allow you to transmit measurements quickly, securely and wirelessly to any EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system. seca 757 EMR-validated baby scale with very precise graduation + Utmost accuracy: suitable for premature infants +...

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Catalog 2020 - 6

Baby scales Image contains optional digital measuring rod seca 234 and barcode scanner from a third-party supplier EMR-validated baby scale with Wi-Fi function ++ Optional with digital measuring rod seca 234 or analog measuring rod seca 232 n ++ Damping system for fast weighing ++ Easy-to-read, backlit LCD display ++ USB port for barcode scanner for user and patient identification ++ EMR-validated via Wi-Fi: transmit measured data directly to any Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system Barcode scanners can be plugged in directly to the scale’s USB port for optional user and patient...

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Catalog 2020 - 7

Baby scales Image contains optional analog measuring rod seca 232 n Image contains optional measuring rod seca 233 Electronic baby scale for space-saving use EMR-validated baby scale with extra large weighing tray ++ Measuring and weighing can be done in a single step thanks to an optional length measuring rod ++ Weighing tray with high side walls for increased safety ++ Flat construction for easy storage in drawers ++ Weighing and measuring in one step thanks to optional length measuring rod ++ Lightweight with a carrying handle for mobile use ++ Three-step damping for fast weighing ++...

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Catalog 2020 - 8

Baby scales seca 385 / seca 384 / seca 834 2-in-1 mobile baby scale and flat scale for toddlers + Weigh babies lying down and toddlers standing up + Easily detach the weighing tray from the base to use as a flat scale + Compact, robust and lightweight: ideal for mobile use + High-quality baby scale with calibration approval at an entry-level price + Wide range of functions: TARE, HOLD and Breast-Milk-Intake-Function (BMIF) seca 745 Mechanical baby scale with sliding weights + Classic construction with high-quality precision mechanics + Exact weight determination using the reset-to-zero...

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Catalog 2020 - 9

Pediatric measuring systems Pediatric measuring systems Adaptable devices are preferred. Clinics, medical practices and health care facilities have varied conditions and requirements. seca responds with a wide range of products for pediatrics – from infantometers to a portable measuring mat and from measuring rods to a head circumference measuring tape. seca has the right solution for every application, whether the devices are for in-patient or mobile use, in large or small spaces, for everyday or infrequent use. They all share the renowned seca quality which always lives up to the most...

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Catalog 2020 - 10

Pediatric measuring systems Light, space saving and stable measuring board also ideal for mobile use ++ Simple operation for quick mobile use ++ Folds up for space-saving storage ++ High-quality materials for long service life ++ Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning The high-quality folding mechanism guarantees a long service life. Possible combination seca 384 / 385 / 834, seca 417 and seca 414 The mobile measuring and weighing system for babies and toddlers Measuring range Graduation 10 – 100 cm ++Backpack seca 409 or carrying case seca 414 (for combination with baby scale seca 385 / 384 /...

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Catalog 2020 - 11

Pediatric measuring systems Mobile measuring mat for babies and toddlers Baby measuring rod with large calipers Measuring tape for head circumference of babies and toddlers ++ Light-weight and easy to clean with most commercially available disinfectants ++ Fixed headpiece and smooth sliding foot positioner ++ Hygienic, disposable measuring tape of non-stretch Teflon material ++ Fixed head piece and the sliding foot positioner make it simple to use ++ Space saving and mobile ++ Double function: head circumference with the front side of the tape and facial symmetry with the rear side ++...

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Catalog 2020 - 12

Measuring stations Measuring and weighing in a single step. Measuring stations let you measure and weigh in one step to effectively determine patient height and weight. Be it an ultrasonic measuring station or measuring station with digital head slider, seca offers state-of-the-art technology, high-quality materials, elegant design and functions that make daily medical routine easier. EMR-validation means that the user no longer has to record the measured data manually and the seca Scale-up Line displays the name or ID of the patient.

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