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CATALOGUE 2019 - 1

CATALOGUE 2019/ medical line ® Medical Measuring Systems and Scales since 1840 United Kingdom seca ltd. 40 Barn Street Birmingham B5 5QB • England phone 0121 643 9349 fax 0121 633 3403 seca operates worldwide with headquarters in Germany and branches in: seca france seca united kingdom seca north america seca schweiz seca zhong guo seca nihon seca mexico seca austria seca polska seca middle east seca brasil seca suomi seca america latina seca asia pacific seca danmark seca benelux seca lietuva and with exclusive partners in more than 110 countries. All contact data at

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CATALOGUE 2019 - 2

Just ask us. We will find an answer to your question. Please call us on: ‣ Since 1840 we have been the experts in medical measuring and weighing, so we know the challenges confronting medical facilities today. On the one hand, you have to react as a business in which profitability is top priority. Efficient processes and cost awareness are critical to maintaining a stable position in the market. On the other hand, you want to ensure the well-being of your patient by meeting high standards for quality, service and innovation, criteria by which hospitals and medical practices are judged in...

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CATALOGUE 2019 - 3

Increase efficiency, prepare for the future Medical staff members have just a few minutes to spend with each patient. Routine procedures such as measuring and documenting vital signs, weight and height, however, consume valuable time of qualified personnel. To increase efficiency in everyday medical tasks and guarantee error prevention, seca has developed solutions that automatically capture data within seconds and transmit the error-free measurements directly to an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, where they are centrally archived. With digital centrali- sation of all relevant...

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CATALOGUE 2019 - 4

Best-fit products by medical area of application PRIMARY CARE seca mBCA 515 Page 30 seca mVSA 535 Page 34 Ultrasonic measuring station seca 287 Page 38 Doctor scale seca 878 dr Page 55 SECONDARY CARE seca mBCA 515 Page 30 Infantometer seca 416 Page 21 seca mVSA 535 Page 34 Ultrasonic measuring station seca 287 Page 38 Stadiometer seca 274 Page 58 NEPHROLOGY & DIALYSIS Baby scale seca 757 GYNECOLOGY & OBSTETRICS Baby scale seca 376 Page 14 Multifunctional scale seca 685 Platform scale seca 657 Ultrasonic measuring station seca 287 Column scale seca 704 Page 42 CLINICAL NUTRITION Baby scale...

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CATALOGUE 2019 - 5


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CATALOGUE 2019 - 6

PAEDIATRIC SCALES AND MEASURING SYSTEMS PAEDIATRIC SCALES AND MEASURING SYSTEMS Exact measurements: as important to life as the air we breathe. ‣ The exact measurement of height and weight is an important prerequisite for a healthy start to life. That is why seca offers everything that makes it easy for doctors and nurses to measure and weigh infants – from a mobile measuring mat to a head circumference tape, and baby scales with a damping function that ensures reliable measurements despite movements.

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CATALOGUE 2019 - 7

BABY SCALES Babies who feel safe and secure are easier to weigh. ensures fast and precise measurements. EMR ready baby scale with optimised damping system  seca 402 A special integrated damping system together with the HOLD function for quick, precise weighing even if the baby is restless. The ergonomically shaped tray with high rounded sides makes it easy to weigh larger babies. A new backlit LCD display en- sures comfortable reading of the digits, even in dimmed rooms. Power supply is by power adapter or rechargeable batteries. The seca 757 can transmit measurements wirelessly to an EMR...

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CATALOGUE 2019 - 8

seca 233 turns the seca 376 into a complete measuring and weighing system. EMR ready baby scale with extra large weighing tray  • On-site installation service • Remote or on-site EMR integration service • Remote or on-site software support Ergonomic, convenient and time-saving: these are the key words that define the seca 376. Its extra large tray lets you weigh a seated toddler of up to 20 kg, even if the child is fidgety. The adjustable damping function combined with the Auto-HOLD function ensures fast and precise work. Net weight Function). Measuring and weighing in one step? Yes –...

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CATALOGUE 2019 - 9

practical handle make transport effortless. The optional digital measuring rod seca 234 permits weighing and measuring in one step. EMR ready baby scale with Wi-Fi function*  The seca 336 i is a reliable baby scale of proven high quality. Its ultra-modern equipment with Wi-Fi, optional digital measuring rod and the option for user and patient identification make Electronic baby scale  Digital measuring rod for baby scale seca 336 i The battery-operated scale with large, easy-to-read LCD display combine innovative technology with space-saving design. Due to its low weight and integrated...

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CATALOGUE 2019 - 10

01 weighing tray can be removed. Electronic baby scale with fine graduation, also usable as flat scale for children  a comfortable weighing tray. In no time at all, it can be converted into a floor scale for children with a capacity of 50 kg (seca 385) or 20 kg (seca 384). The weighing tray and the base which serves as the floor scale are securely locked together, thus ensuring that the baby can be weighed absolutely safely. A further advantage of the scale is its Breast-Milk-Intake-Function which determines how seca added value Two scales in one: the seca 385 and seca 384 baby scales with...

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CATALOGUE 2019 - 11

Adaptable devices are preferred. automatically places the baby in the right measuring position. Infantometer for measuring babies and toddlers The sturdy construction and stability of the infantometer makes it quick and easy to measure babies and toddlers up to two years old. The board is generously designed and the raised and softly rounded sides guide the baby easily and safely into the right position. Permanently mounted with rollers on two guide rails, the footpiece slides smoothly along the scale. Because the footpiece is lockable, the baby can be removed and the result noted later....

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