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Main brochure seca mBCA How can you fight it, if you canʼt measure it?

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Your demands. High time for a seca solution. Identify symptoms earlier. Several appointments and examinations are required in order to record the most important body composition parameters in a valid way. An analyzer that delivers these results in seconds would save you and your patients a lot of time. Valuable time that could have been used for the necessary treatment. Support diagnosis. In addition to height and weight, additional parameters such as fat mass, body water, and muscle mass will assist your diagnosis or recommendation for therapy. A body composition analyzer that delivers...

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mBCA Developed for your daily work. Body composition analysis using the seca mBCA. Take a deeper look into your patients. Intuitive operation. The seca mBCA is easy to operate via the ample 8.4" touchscreen display. You can turn the display around 360° to have the best view at all times. Reliable measurement. The handrail of the seca mBCA acts as a standing aid and provides a secure grip while the unique grip electrodes check contact for a reliable measurement. The hand position is predefined in order to obtain valid and reproducible results. The weighing platform of the seca mBCA is made...

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The ergonomic design of the seca mBCA helps everyone. It helps you and your co-workers because your patients do not have to be given time consuming instructions. It also helps your patients because they simply have to stand barefoot on the weighing platform without having to remove all of their clothing or wait for wires to be hooked up. The standing aid provides for a firm grip, while the low-to-the-ground design of the weighing platform allows patients to comfortably step onto it. Save time analysing. Quick to use and with quick results. very day you make difficult decisions under...

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Precision. Reliable for your services. n your daily routine you need real facts that you can rely on. You are dealing with human health, after A study* has provided impressive proof: The seca mBCA is comparable to the respective gold standards. all. That is why we have developed a medical body analyzer that delivers precise results for the most important measurement parameters: the seca mBCA. Fat-free mass. The fat-free mass (FFM) was validated using the 4-compartment model Clinically validated data. The precision of the seca mBCA output parameters was validated across various ethnicities...

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The touchscreen display. Intuitive to use and easy to understand. he seca mBCA can be operated effortlessly using the touchscreen display. The intuitive menus are designed in such a way that you and your coworkers do not require any time consuming training. Simply turn on the analyzer, turn the display to the desired position, and start the measurement. You will then receive the measurement results broken down into the following most important parameters. FM Fat mass / fat-free mass The medically precise distinction between fat mass and fat-free mass is especially important when weight...

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The seca mBCA can do a lot. You will also receive the seca analytics 115 PC software so that you can exploit its full potential. For it is only with this comprehensive tool that you can follow the course of development of your patient’s values across multiple measurements. And the software offers even more. With so much information, a clear and understandable overview helps. Simplify your work and print out an understandable analysis overview with a click. One-page for your patient, a great timesaver for you. Display courses of therapy and control therapies. Save the results of regular...

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seca solutions. Perfectly co-ordinated to one another. seca mBCA 515 Technical specifications Demonstration and offer. Feel free to contact us. et your seca contact demonstrate the seca mBCA to you personally. Familiarise yourself with the options and get answers to your questions. Fill out the form below completely and e-mail or fax it to your seca contact. • Division: 50 g < 150 kg > 100 g • Approval class:  • Medical device class: IIa • Dimensions (W⨯H⨯D): Yes, I would like a free no obligation live personal demonstration of the seca mBCA at my place of work. Free product demonstration...

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Main brochure seca mBCA 515 V. seca operates worldwide with headquarters in Germany and branches in: seca france seca united kingdom seca north america seca schweiz seca zhong guo seca nihon seca mexico seca austria seca polska seca middle east seca brasil seca suomi and with exclusive partners in more than 110 countries. All contact data under

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