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Clinnova - 2

SEERS Medical An innovative medical engineering company and the leading UK manufacturer of treatment, examination and rehabilitation couches. Formed in 2008 by Simon Rees, the former Director and General Manager of AKRON Products, a division of Huntleigh Healthcare, SEERS has produced over 50,000 couches since its origination. To celebrate 10 years of SEERS, in 2019 we will be launching a new market-leading range of tables.

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Clinnova - 3

Unique Design Clinical Innovation Clinnova started as a concept idea to move away from the traditional ‘internal’ radius frame design, bringing the radius arms ‘outside’ of the base frame. In achieving this, the design allows the capability of totally encapsulated base and radius arms of the couch to improve infection control and clea

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Clinnova - 4

Modular Concepts Numerous Configurations Within the many different disciplines a treatment couch can be used, the couch can be configured to the users specific needs by choosing the modules required. For example: choice of wheel system; hydraulic or electric elevation; manual or electrically operated back and foot sections; easy clean shrouding - The list goes on…

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Clinnova - 5

Raising Stability As Standard Parallel Twin Radius Arms (Standard) All Clinnova couches feature twin external radius arms. On the standard model, stability is provided by a single motor or hydraulic pump to provide adjustable height with parallel radius arms.

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Clinnova - 6

Vertical Elevation & Two-Way Tilt Opposing Twin Radius Arms (Deluxe) Having opposed external radius arms, each powered by an electric actuator, height adjustment is vertical. Positive and negative tilt is achieved at the base level, so stability is not compromised when tilted angles are desired.

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Clinnova - 7

Increased Safe Working Load & Patient Width To respond to the ever-increasing demand, to accommodate larger patient size and weight the Safe Working Load (SWL) and upholstery surface have been increased, with a 265Kg SWL on standard models and 285Kg on Deluxe variants. The upholstery width is now 70cm wide on all Clinnova models.

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Clinnova - 8

Safety First Anti-Entrapment Clinnova couches are fitted with antientrapment gas struts as standard – reducing risk of damage to the clinician and any surrounding apparatus or furniture.

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Clinnova - 9

With Patients in Mind Risk Reduction All Clinnova couches feature an offset gas strut or electric motor on the head or foot rest sections. In a prone position, the patients view is un-obscured with risk of entrapment reduced due to the gas strut not being directly beneath the breathing hole.

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Clinnova - 10

User Interface Levers & Pedals All user interface parts are identified by their distinctive darker grey appearance. A new soft touch pedal rubber has been added, to ease the operation of the foot levers. Head and foot section release levers have been extended to now facilitate the easy operation from either side of the couch – reducing stretching and increasing accessibility to operate the lever.

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Clinnova - 11

Ergonomic Patient Positioning Ergonomic Solutions With many options and choices of Clinnova Couch, an ergonomic solution is available to suit your specific requirements. Single motor operation can be via a hand or foot-switch, or for operation from the perimeter of the couch a new integrated bar switch system has been developed. Deluxe models will also have an option for a display graphic in the handset, illustrating the couches height, tilt angles, head and foot positions – as well as a CPR function.

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Clinnova - 12

Hygienic & Easy to Clean Reducing Infection All Clinnova Couches feature an anti-bacterial powder coated frame and anti-microbial upholstery sections as standard. With the optional base cover (standard on deluxe models) cleaning becomes effortless and easily accessible, as small crevices are removed and replaced with larger easy to wipe clean surfaces... which also feature anti-microbial properties.

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Clinnova - 13

Leading the way in Couch Upholstery No Visible Staples Clinnova Couches feature a market leading upholstery backing system, with visible staples removed. Traditionally, stapled upholstery backs have been difficult areas to clean. With the vinyl or hessian backed upholstery (which is prone to fraying) and often found on other manufacturers couches, Clinnova Couches feature an easy to clean backing, enhancing the life of the couch and improving infection control.

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Clinnova - 14

Choices & Options An extensive range of optional accessories are available for Clinnova Couches along with a choice of 15 upholstery colours to choose from. Frames are pre-drilled for the addition of relevant accessories. All options have been specifically designed and risk assessed for each model that they are listed for and include all fixings. Only use SEERS supplied accessories on SEERS Clinnova Couches.

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Clinnova - 15

Precision Made Bearings Moving parts of Clinnova couch frames are fitted with precision made bearings, ensuring that the couch frames repeatedly raise and lower in a smooth manner and without noise or squeaking. Additionally, these bearings provide long life and minimal maintenance ensuring that the couch provides the maximum usage throughout the duration of its lifespan. SEERS have cycle tested in excess of 120,000 repetitions – with a patient weight of 100Kg!

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Clinnova - 16

A Couch To Last A Lifetime All Clinnova Couches feature a lifetime frame warranty against weld or material failure, assuming operating & service guidelines are adhered to. SEERS Clinnova couches are low maintenance, however it is recommended that the couches are pro-actively maintained in accordance with SEERS servicing guidelines. Service plans available on request. (Supplied by SEERS Medical, in the UK)

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Clinnova - 17

SEERS MEDICAL Ltd Kenton Road, Debenham, Suffolk IP14 6LA, United Kingdom © Copyright SEERS Medical Ltd 2019 Company Reg. № 6572698 VAT № 931596702 Printed in the United Kingdom

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