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Therapy Range Medicare Range Innovation Range Medical Furniture Range Couches and tables for rehabilitation Sterling Range Couches for patient examinations and minor treatment procedures Couches for patient examinations and minor treatment procedures Stainless steel and polymer furniture for the clinical enviroment Economy examination couches Sterling Couch Range Therapy Couch Range Medicare Couch Range Innovation Couch Range Medical Carts Range Atlanta Range Medical carts for the clinical enviroment Patient transport and emergency trolleys Medical Carts Range Patient Trolley Range SEERSFlex™ Mattress Range Static mattresses for the care environment Replacement Mattress Range General Medical Furniture Office Seating Range Medical Seating Range Ergonomic seating solutions Medical seating solutions Office Seating Products Medical Seating Products SEERSMEDICAL® SEERS MEDICAL Ltd Kenton Road, Debenham, Suffolk IP14 6LA, United Kingdom © Copyright SEERS Medical Ltd 2015 Company Reg. № 6572698 VAT № 931596702 Printed in the United Kingdom Note1: The illustrated fabric colours may vary slightly from actual fabric supplied. This occurs due to the four colour printing process. However every attempt has been made to make them as accurate as possible. Our Policy of continuous improvement means that we reserve the right to change and modify designs without prior notice. Note2: Measurements may vary +/- 2° or +/- 5mm due to manufacturing tolerances Signature Range Electric Profiling Beds For The Care En

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Signature Range - 2

Signature Standard Bed The Signature 4 section electric profiling beds have been designed to provide a high quality, durable and feature rich range of beds. Both models feature the unique GoLow GoSlow™ safety feature that automatically slows the descent of the bed as it approaches low height. The standard bed also incorporates vascular and fowler leg rest positioning and the handset has a security lock-out key. The Signature standard bed has an excellent height range and provides both trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg tilt. Anti Bacterial Standard Model Features • • • • • • • • • • •...

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Signature Range - 3

Anti Bacterial Signature Low Bed The Signature Low bed has a unique low height of 13.5cm and was designed to help in the prevention of falls & injuries to patients. This low height is achieved without compromising the functionality of the unique Perceptive Profiling System (PPS) or the height of the castor. Signature Low bed maximises patient comfort and safety whilst providing carer’s with the reassurance they need when managing patients who are at risk of falls and injuries. IEC 60601-2-52 compliant 4 Section electric profiling Exceptional low height of just 13.5cm to 59cm ideal for use...

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Signature Range - 4

Optional Accessories Available Technical Features Signature Standard Bed Optional Accessories Mattress Options 3 Bar steel ¾ length side support rails 4 Bar steel ¾ length side support rails Full length padded side rail bumpers Full length wooden side rails Padded side rails bumpers to be used with full length wooden side rails Single handle grab rail Bed support grab rail for use with 4 bar side rails Lifting pole with triangle CPR facility Battery back-up 2 Hook Telescopic IV pole Cushioned safety mat SEERSEx™ 120Kg SEERSFlex™ 150Kg SEERSSuperFlex™ 250Kg Foam squab for bed extension Safe...

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