ST-200 PLUS Electrolyte Analyzer


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ST-200 PLUS  Electrolyte Analyzer - 1

SENSA'* CORE Healthcare and Diagnostic Products Electrolyte Analyzer India's First Electrolyte Analyzer

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ST-200 PLUS  Electrolyte Analyzer - 2

* Compact, Economical and'Easy to use. * ET^cellent precision and reliability * Long lift, maintenance-free, electrodes * Automatic sampling, probe wiping and calibration ★ Intelligent reagent packjwitfi electronic chip ★ Optional battery backyp. * E?tfremely low cost per test Direct measurement with ion selective electrode (ISE). This functionality allows quick change of analyte. Whole blood, serum, plasma, CSF and diluted urine. for diluted (1:5) urine 500 micro liter. 1 Lakh Sample, 25000 Urine, 100 QC. Temperature: 5°C - 40°C , <85% non-condensing humidity. 128x64 graphics display with...

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