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PHYSIOSENSING RANGE TECHNOLOGY Balance | Feet Pressure Map | Posturography Virtual Reality | Visual Biofeedback

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We design, develop and implement medical devices in a unique synergy between Engineering and Health. numbers Specialists in technology for force and pressure platforms with wide applications in physical and vestibular rehabilitation. Software with powerful balance&pressure analysis tools, oriented to the health professional and the patient. Over 10 years of experience and certified by the ISO 13485 standard for medical devices and the ISO 9001 standard for the quality management system. Developed projects and technologies Countries with our technology

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3. Posturography Computerized posturography systems utilize force platforms to measure the sway of a patient by determining the movements of the instantaneous Center of Pressure (CoP). The CoP data collected can be visualized through a statokinesi-gram and stabilogram. 1. Balance Balance control consists of controlling the body center of mass over its limits of stability. Clinical balance assessment can help assess fall risk and/or determine the underlying reasons for balance disorders. The benefits of using force plates in balance assessment comes from their ability to measure center of...

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Pressure Plate Light and portable device. The most accurate and cost effective way for balance&pressure assessment and training. Technical Specifications CE Medical Device Class I according to directive 93/42/EEC Type Size Active Surface Sensors number Sensor size Sensor type Sensor life time more than 1 000 000 actuations Maximum pressure (each sensor) Temperature range PhysioSensing allows you to evaluate your clinical practice and make it objective and quantified in a clinical report. Balance evaluation and training Operating System Technology • 1 cm2 sensor • 1600 sensors •...

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Force Plate Normalized stabilometric platform for postural rehabilitation. Technical Specifications CE Medical Device Class I according to directive 93/42/EEC Size (Length x Width x Height) Thickness Sampling rate Analogic / Digital conversion Platform computer interface Power supply Maximal load clinical practice of balance and high sensitivity level Balance evaluation and training Operating System Technology • 3 load cells • Stabilometric plate • In accordance with French Association of Posturology. Compatible Software Physiosensing Balance Software Accessories Foam Dynamic Balancing...

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— Dynamic Analysis Podo Software Static and dynamic baropodometric analysis — Static & Postural Analysis Analyze your plantar pressure map distribution in a single (static) image or during a defined time. Analyze your plantar pressure distribution on the platform during a one or four gait cycle Frame view • Static mapping with center of pressure • Max, Average pressure calculations • Weight distribution • Measuring possibilities (length, angle, pressure, area) • Exam comparasion • Statokinesigram and Stabilogram • Frame view • CPEI • CoP line • Force, Area, Pressure, velocity Graphs • PEAK...

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Balance improvement training Balance Software In the Sagittal and Anteroposterior exercises, the patient must reach the balance position in the sagittal plane or in the anteroposterior plane. Powerful Balance assessement & training tool In the Spiderweb, Tunnel, Dots pattern and Bars pattern exercises the goal is to keep a balance position despite the visual stimulus. In the exercises Route Bars, Route Spiral, Route Square and Route Maze the goal is to go through the routes within its boundaries with the center of pressure, following the red dots. Assessment mCTSIB- Modified Clinical Test...

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Virtual Reality Libra VR Clinic Virtual Reality to deliver immersive virtual reality stimulation and exercises including: A high-end virtual reality based system, designed for vestibular, balance and oculomotor disorders. Therapy becomes controlled, high customized and trackable. Immersive stimuli › Smooth Pursuit Exciting and engaging virtual worlds train the patient brain Optokinetic Nystagmus Shapes with background City Enhanced therapy › Optokinetic Nystagmus Through digital technology Elevator environment Monitored tracking Allows for assessing and adjusting exercises › Supermarket...

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Plate ComparisonSoftware Comparison Podo Balance Software Software Balance Training Exercises (Sagital & Anteroposterior, Visual Stimulus, Static Figures, Static Paths, Random Static, LOS Training, Moving target, Follow me) Static Analysis * This feature only works with Pressure Plate Postural Analysis Dynamic Analysis Balance games

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Define your solution ORL Physician ENT Physician Neuro Physician Physiotherapy Audiology Devices can be used together or separately. Choose the best setting. Vestibular Rehabilitation Vestibular Disorders Balance Disorders Dizness Vertigo Neuro Rehabilitation Neurologic Disorders Pressure Plate + Podo Software Pressure Plate + Balance Software Pressure Plate + Balance Software + Podo Software Pressure Plate + Balance Software + Virtual Reality Libra VR Clinic Force Plate + Balance Software Force Plate + Balance Software + Virtual Reality Libra VR Clinic Virtual Reality Libra VR Clinic REHAB...

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