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Integra2 - 2

Sercon are dedicated to the design, manufacture and support of Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers and their associated sample preparation systems. The Integra2 is a combination of our HS2022 mass spectrometer and the EArth elemental analyser. This unique product provides the isotope researcher with the most compact instrument. Capable of analysing samples for both 15N and 13 C simultaneously, with an 18O option and a 34S option. Truly universal Faraday triple collectors for simultaneous collection of adjacent masses in the range 28, 29, 30 - 64, 66 with no adjustment of collectors or...

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Integra2 - 3

Design Integrated bench-top unit of a mass analyser and Dumas combustion unit with vertical mounted furnaces. Built in pressure and flow sensors, isothermal GC and software controlled variable oxygen input. Analyser Geometry 120° extended geometry with an 11 cm radius magnetic sector giving an effective 21 cm radius dispersion and double direction focusing. Truly universal Faraday triple collectors for simultaneous collection of masses 28, 29 and 30 or 44, 45 and 46. Analytical Mode Samples in capsules are converted to N2 and CO2 by combustion and measured by the integrated isotope ratio...

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Integra2 - 4

EXTERNAL PRECISION All specifications are for n=10 samples. *denotes amount of element per capsule sercon innovators in isotopes Sercon Limited, Unit 3B, Crewe Trade Park, Gateway, Crewe, Cheshire CW1 6JT UK Tel: +44 (0)1270 580008 Email: c Like us on Facebook “SerconLimited” □ Follow us on Twitter @SerconLimited

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