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The Sercon µCarbs – µCarbs – generation acid isotopes The Sercon the next the next generation acid equilibration system for carbonate and DIC and DIC innovators in delivery delivery equilibration system for carbonate analysis analysis The Sercon µCarbs – the next generation acid delivery equilibration system for carbonate and DIC analysis The Sercon µCarbs – generation acid delivery equilibration system system for carbonate The Sercon µCarbs – the nextthe next generation acid delivery equilibrationfor carbonate and DIC and DIC analysis analysis The Sercon µCarbs – the next generation acid delivery equilibration system for carbonate and DIC analysis The next generation acid delivery equilibration system for carbonate and DIC analysis Key features features include Key include Key featuressystem with separate separatefor acid delivery and headspace flush / sample / sample transfer Dual needle include system with needles needles for acid delivery and headspace flush transfer Dual needle Key featuresfeaturesrates andratesneedles for acid delivery and headspace flush / sample transfer Key include include which optimise optimise separate and blockages which flow Dual needle system with flow minimiseminimise blockages Key features include: which optimise flowwith separate needles needles delivery delivery and headspace(±0.1 ⁰C) Key needle needle rates and minimise blockages for acid and headspace flush / flush / sample Dualfeaturessystem system with separate forsample tray optimises reaction ratessample transfer transfer Dual programmable heated heated acid Temperature include programmable for acid delivery and headspace flush / sample ⁰C) Temperature • Dual needle system with separate needlessample tray optimises reaction rates (±0.1 transfer which optimise flow rates and which optimise flow rates and minimise blockages whichprogrammable rates and minimise blockages reaction rates (±0.1 ⁰C) Temperature optimise flow 6 to or 12 ml vialsacid vials which can be analysed in a single,transfer Dual needle holds up holds up ml 200sample trayml delivery and headspacesingle,/unattended run. Sample tray system with200 heated 6 or 12which can be analysed in a flush sample unattended run. Sample tray to separate needles for optimises minimise blockages which optimise flow trays canheated samplevials optimises reactionreaction rates (±0.1 ⁰C) Temperature programmable minimise blockages vials be analysed in Temperature to heated sample ml for larger tray Alternative trays canrates and ml or 12tray optimises reaction rates (±0.1°C) single, unattended run. Alternative programmable larger sample • Temperature programmable200 6 be provided vials which canoptimises ratesa(±0.1 ⁰C) Sample tray holds up be provided for heated tray Alternative traysupupholdsheldor 20012ml heated optimises reaction rates unattended run.acid and trays can Temperature programmable6to 12heldmlor 12the vials whichensuresanalysed acid delivery delivery and • Sample tray holds tray acidprovided ormllarger vials can be analysed in a single,a(±0.1in a single, unattended run. be provided Sample tray holds to be 200 heated 6the vials which can be can tray in single, unattended run. Sample can 170 6up ml Phosphoric acid reservoirreservoirforsample tray sample trayanalysed smooth smooth Alternative Phosphoric to ml within vials whichml heated sample be ensures ⁰C) within • • • • Alternativeacid crystallisation be provided heated sample tray ensures smooth acid delivery and minimises traysreservoircan6 ml or 12 ml for larger vials be analysed in a single, unattended run. minimises trays held for largerAlternative acid provided for larger vials vials Phosphoric acid can be crystallisationthe vials which can Sample tray holds up to 200 within minimises acidreservoir lids within fromlargersample trayon the sample acid minimises acid corrosioncrystallisation Alternative acid can be providedthe heated vials heated sample tray ensures smooth acid and Phosphoric acidresistant held manufactured heated sample tray smoothtrays delivery anddelivery delivery and Phosphoric traysreservoir held within the from Peek material on the sample trays minimises acid corrosion Phosphoric acid reservoir held within the Acid resistant lids manufactured for Peek material ensures ensures smooth acid minimises acid Acid crystallisation minimises acid crystallisation minimisesmanufactured Ertalyte acid crystallisation Acid resistantacid manufactured fromfromtheon the sampleon the sample trays minimisesdelivery and trays minimises accidental Acidhyphenatedreservoir µCarbs-HS2022 heated sample tray ensures smoothacid corrosion carbonate and Phosphoric lids µCarbs-HS2022 system generates high precisionprecision dataacid data from and The resistanthyphenated held within Peek material The lids system generates high isotopic isotopic acid corrosion from carbonate The hyphenated lids manufactured samples.fromhigh precision isotopic data from carbonateensures acid corrosioncarbon (DIC) minimisesinorganicinorganic carbon (DIC) samples. sensitivityon the sample HS2022 HS2022 excellentexcellent acidµCarbs-HS2022 system generates Peek on crystallisation Acidhyphenated µCarbs-HS2022 system generates The high sample trays minimises acid dissolved inorganic Acid resistant lids (DIC) from Peek materialmaterial source in the trays minimises ensures dissolveddissolved carbonmanufactured The high high the sensitivity source in the and corrosion The resistant precision isotopic data from carbonate and samples. The high at extremely small HS2022 ensures excellent source at source from Peek material sizes precisionprecisionmanufacturedin the sample sizes sensitivity precisionin the HS2022 ensures excellent dissolved at extremely small sample sizessystem generates high precisionminimises acid corrosion inorganic Acidhyphenated sensitivityµCarbs-HS2022generates high the sample traysextremely small samplecarbonate and The resistant lids carbon (DIC) samples. The high on precision isotopic isotopic data from and The hyphenated µCarbs-HS2022 system data from carbonate The flexibleat extremely smallcarbon (DIC) samples. The high sensitivityin theequilibration and gas analysisexcellent 2 in breath system inorganic sample isotopes of water to be analysed via water HS2022 precisionThe flexible systemthe stable sizes isotopes isotopes of source to be analysed HS2022 ensures such as CO dissolved inorganic also allows the stable stable sensitivity be analysed via watervia water equilibration dissolvedalso allows also allows the equilibration The flexible system carbon (DIC) samples. The highof water to water source infromensures excellent The hyphenated µCarbs-HS2022 system the generates high precision isotopic data carbonate and or atmosphericgassuch as allowsas CO sizes isotopes of samples samples precisionandextremely small sample 2sample sizes atmosphericbe analysed at samples extremely the stable and flexible system carbon (DIC) samples.atmosphericwater tosource in thevia water equilibration gas precisionanalysisCO2 in small in breathhigh sensitivity analysis atalso such breath or The or The dissolved inorganic HS2022 ensures excellent and flexible system also allows breath the stable isotopes to be analysed via water equilibration analysis measurementthe stable precisionSample such as at flexible system in The gas The extremely CO2 sample sizes isotopes of samples Sample measurement smallalso allowsor atmosphericwaterof water to be analysed via water equilibration Sample measurement: and gas and gas analysis CO2 in breath or atmospheric samplessamples analysis such as such as CO in breath or atmospheric 18 The and δδ18Oinin COalso allows the 2 system 13C • Sample measurement in CO2 in carbonates δ 18O flexible13Cand 2δin in carbonatesstable isotopes of water to be analysed via water equilibration O and 13C CO 2 carbonates and gas Sample measurement breath or atmospheric samples analysis such as CO2 in 18 • Sample measurement carbonates δ 13 C in dissolveddissolved carbon (DIC) O andδδ 13C inorganic carbon (DIC) 13 δ13C in dissolvedin inorganicinorganic carbon (DIC) C in CO2 in 18 18 2 18 13 Sample measurement carbonates • δ13 O and δO in in CO2 C in CO2 aqueous samples water O and δ 13 in carbonates δ 2H anddissolved water andcarbonaqueous aqueous samples C andδ 18Oandinorganic other (DIC) samples in δ 2H Cin δ 18and other in and other O in water δ 13H 18 • δ13C on dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC)including atmospheric samples O and 13C C dissolved inorganic δ 13 and other gaseous samples, C in breathinin CO2 in carbonatescarbon samples δ δ 2H andδ 18O in water and other aqueous (DIC) 2 C in dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) δ13H andδ 218O in waterin water and other aqueous samples δ H and δ 18O and other aqueous samples

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