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Sonicator - 8100S Automated Sample Homogenization

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SERCON SONICATOR 8100S - AUTOMATED SAMPLE HOMOGENIZATION THE 8100S COMBINES HIGH ENERGY SONICATION WITH AN XYZ AUTO SAMPLER ENSURING THE CONTENTS OF A SAMPLE VIAL ARE QUICKLY AND THOROUGHLY HOMOGENIZED PRIOR TO ANALYSIS • Fast homogenization of samples • Reproducible aliquots every time AUTOMATION Combining a Sonicator with an XYZ auto sampler provides an automated way of ensuring that each sample aspirated from a vial is representative of the contents of the whole vial. A tray of vials is placed on the sampler base. Each vial is sonicated for a short period (typically 20 seconds). This...

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SERCON SONICATOR 8100S - AUTOMATED SAMPLE HOMOGENIZATION TOTAL NITROGEN, MIXED LIQOUR SAMPLE HOURS AFTER SONICATION Sonication improved TN recovery by 5 42% compared to a mechanically agitated sample. Sampling was via a 0.8 mm ID autosampler probe, using a Thermalox TN analyser. This directly injects the sample aliquot into a catalytic furnace. Maximum Vial Rack Size Power Requirements Sonication Power Probe Diameter SERCON CAN PROVIDE SOFTWARE PACKAGES TO INTEGRATE THE 8100S WITH A MAIN ANALYSER User programmable, typically <20s USER FRIENDLY WINDOWS™ PLATFORM SOFTWARE ALLOWS THE 8 1 00 S...

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