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Thermalox TOC-TN The modern alternative to COD and TKN

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THE SERCON THERMALOX Measuring Total Organic Carbon TOC (Total Organic Carbon) is a measurement widely used in a number of industries to assess the organic contamination of water. Applications include Environmental Research, Industrial Process Monitoring, and Quality Assurance. In wastewater TOC concentrations of many thousands of ppm are often found. At the other extreme, low ppb TOC levels must be measured in the Ultra-Pure water used by Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor and the Power Generation industries. There are several Oxidation methods which have been historically utilised to measure...

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THE SERCON THERMALOX TOC/TNB Complete Oxidation and detection are critical for measuring TOC and TNb. Working with one of the world’s leading NDIR analyser manufacturers, has dramatically increased the sensitivity of the Sercon Thermalox CO2 detector. The Sercon Thermalox detector is now over twenty times more sensitive than its leading rival. Additionally, the combination of catalytic combustion and unique furnace design allows efficient analysis of organic compounds whilst virtually eliminate trace carbon contamination within the reactor and catalyst. High Sensitivity allows lower...

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THE SERCON THERMALOX Features included as standard The Sercon Thermalox instrument uses an optimised XYZ autosampler. This gives maximum flexibility and allows a high degree of automation, whilst maintaining robust performance. The standard vial rack holds up to 88 glass or disposable plastic vials, with or without lids. Sample racks can be chilled, and optional racks for special requirements are available. Calibrants can be made up automatically; sparging, dilutions and sample agitation can easily be carried out all under software control. By using a special aspiration step, samples...

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THE SERCON THERMALOX CARBON Analytical Description Analysis begins by loading samples into a vial rack. The AS8000 XYZ autosampler handles up to 88 vials. A sample aliquot from 3µl to 250µl is injected into the TC furnace through a special carbon free septum. CO2 free Carrier gas sweeps the oxidant through to the CO2 detector. Concentration is monitored by a PC and a characteristic asymmetric peak is plotted, the area of which is proportional to the CO2 product of the oxidation. By calibration, TC is then determined from this peak area. The inorganic carbon, carbonates, bicarbonates and...

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THE SERCON THERMALOX Total Nitrogen otal Nitrogen (TN) determination may be added to The Sercon Thermalox TOC analyser to give TOC and TN measurements from the same vial. Sercon also offer The Sercon Thermalox TNb analyser where only this analyte is required. In the same way as TC measurements are performed, a sample aliquot is injected into a catalytic furnace. Carrier gas (oxygen) sweeps the oxidant, in this case NOx gases, through to the NOx detector. The detector utilizes the chemiluminescent reaction between NO and O3 to determine the NO concentration. As well as a reduction step to...

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THE SERCON THERMALOX TOC/TNB RANGEABILITY TOC/TNb TEST Calibration – from two to 7 points may be automatically defined in the method set-up. The software then uses regression mathematics to generate a best fit curve. This may be a linear or an n-order polynomial function to give unrivalled rangeability. AUTOMATION Users can select a method which includes automatically preparing calibrants from a stock solution, calibration, acid stripping and measurement of TOC and TN all in one operation. The principals of FDA21 CFR11 are applied to ensure that the data is tamperproof and auditable. Mean...

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THE SERCON THERMALOX Analyte TC, TIC, TOC, NPOC, POC with options for measuring TN and TP Drinking water, pharmaceutical cleaning in place water, ground water, surface water, saline waters, domestic, and industrial wastewater Total substance: Thermal catalytic oxidation at up to 1000ºC. Inorganic substance: acid stripping or injection into low temperature acid reactor (120ºC) Carbon: Various from less than a range of 40-150µg/l to greater than a range of 100-40,000mg/l: Nitrogen: From 20-100 g/l to 1.0-200mg/l Detection limit Auto Dilution Cycle time Standard deviation: ≤ 5% of full scale...

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