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COMPATIBLE Hematology Reagents High Quality Compatible Reagents For High Value Results

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40 years of existence and expertise in the development and the production of hematology compatible reagents SFRI, Reagents You Can Trust Quality, key success factor Aware of the importance of the quality and confidence that ensues, SFRI has taken the pains to do everything to reassure its distributors as to the excellence of its products. SFRI obviously meets all the requirements of European standards; SFRI registers each of its reagents with the ANSM, the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines; SFRI has the ISO 13485 certification; All SFRI products are CE-marked. Quality product The...

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Compatible reagents - 3

Compatible Hematology Reagents Listed hereafter, in alphabetical order, the list of hematology compatible reagents SFRI offer. H. HORIBA MEDICAL® (ABX®) Al TYPE Diluent, Lyse & Cleaner > Available upon simple request HXD320 ABBOTT TYPE Diluent Isotonic solution LMG HAD320 20 L Cleaner Isotonic detergent LMG HAG320 20 L Cleaner for 3500 / 3700 Isotonic detergent LMG HAG320 20 L Diluent Lyse Cleaner Diluent Lyse Cleaner Diluton LMG Lysoglobine LMG2 Diluclair A Hemaclair Diluton 5A Lysoglobine Hb Lysoglobine Eo Lysoglobine Ba Diluclair A BE CKMAN COULTER® MEDONIC...

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NIHON KOHDEN® Diluent Lyse Cleaner Diluent Lyse Cleaner Diluant LMG Lysing reagent LMG Enzymatic cleaner Chlorinated cleaner Diluant LMG Lysing reagent LMG Lysoglobine 5NK Enzymatic cleaner Chlorinated cleaner Diluent, Lyse, Cleaner, Sheath > Available upon Reagent Perox 1 SF Oxydiff 1 Reagent Perox 2 Reagent Perox 3 Perox Sheath RBC Plt Reagent Hgb Reagent Baso Reagent Sheath Rinse Retic Reagent EZ Clean Defoamer SF Oxydiff 2 SF Oxydiff 3 SF Oxydiff SH SF Dil R SF Lyse H SF Lyse B SF Rinse SH SF Retic SH SF Clean Available upon request TYPE NAME REFERENCE VOLUME Diluent...

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Non contractual document. Specifications subject to change without notice. Ref.HEMATOCATENG-V19.00 – Copyright © 2019 SFRI SAS. All rights reserved Your Local Distributor: SFRI SAS - Lieu-dit Berganton - 33127 Saint Jean d’Illac (Bordeaux) - FRANCE Tel. +33 (0)5 56 68 80 50 - Fax +33 (0)5 56 21 79 03 - - www.sfri.c

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