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Why choose SFRI over SYSMEX?


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Why choose SFRI over SYSMEX? - 1


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Why choose SFRI over SYSMEX? - 2

ANALYTICAL PART SFRI conducted 5 studies between 2013 and 2017 comparing the HEMIX 5-60 to 8 analyzers. 2 of the studies compared SFRI to SYSMEX: XS-1000i and XT-2000i. Analytical results cannot lie! 5 studies, many results and always one conclusion: analyzers on the market are divided into 2 groups: n the excellent ones: SFRI - SYSMEX - SIEMENS... n And the others: HORIBA ABX - ORPHEE - MINDRAY... One important fact also emerges from these studies: the faculty of SFRI & SYSMEX’s analyzers to be accurate and precise. In total, SFRI compared 8 instruments to the HEMIX 5-60 and the only brand...

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Why choose SFRI over SYSMEX? - 3

HEMIX 5-60 vs. XT-2000i This study compared the HEMIX 5-60 to the XT-2000i was conducted in 2017. □ Study realized following current laboratory practice □ 138 samples including 19 showing hematology pathologies □ Observation of both analyzers' reaction towards pathological samples thanks to: □ Flag analysis H alarm study □ Calculation of sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, negative predictive value, accuracy REPEATABILITY EQUAL REPEATABILITY EQUAL COUNT OF SAMPLE HEMIX 5-60 & XT-2000i’s results are always equal.

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Why choose SFRI over SYSMEX? - 4

EQUAL REPRODUCIBILITY STABILITY THROUGH TIME HEMIX 5-60 & XT-2000i’s average CVs are still equal. Through time, both analyzers keep giving the same results!

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Why choose SFRI over SYSMEX? - 5

No perturbation, no cross-contamination of samples, just accurate results for both analyzers COMPARISON OF THE CORRELATION COEFFICIENT R2 SIMILAR LINEARITIES The maximum use range of both the HEMIX 5-60 and the XT-2000i, was thoroughly tested. The more linear the range is, the less dilutions the laboratories will have to perform, which drastically limit the possibility of error and increase the control of results and their quality. SFRI and SYSMEX’s linearities are exactly the same!

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Why choose SFRI over SYSMEX? - 6

The HEMIX 5-60 & the XT-2000i responded in the same way when processing pathological samples. □ They both gave accurate and precise results. □ All positive samples were detected. □ Only 8 and 9 % of useless slides > economical analyzers On 138 samples, SFRI & SYSMEX's analyzers keep acting in the same way. Same sensitivity, same specificity, same accuracy and same economy. MINDRAY & ORPHEE, on the contrary, generated 24 and 27 useless slides. Comparison is easy! SFRI & SYSMEX belong together in the same goup of accurate and excellent analyzers.

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Why choose SFRI over SYSMEX? - 7

Once proven similar in terms of analytical quality, then why should you prefer SFRI? CHOOSING THE BEST IT’S CHOOSING SFRI & THE SIMPLIFICATION OF THE DAILY LAB’S WORK Quality of results may be similar but SFRI offers more and the HEMIX 5-60 was created thinking about both laboratories’ managers and users. □ Economical analyzer □ Controlled real cost per test* □ Small analyzer, all-in-1 ! □ Accepted & praised by all laboratory's team SAVE MORE THAN 9 000 € / YEAR Compared to ORPHEE MYTHIC 22 (study published by SFRI) □ 3 reagents only □ No useless slides (as seen), no rerun, □ No...

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Why choose SFRI over SYSMEX? - 8

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